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Elegant Letters, Issue #19 Is elegance important? The Art of Chic

Is elegance important? and How to do Chic, or How to be Chic
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The best effect of fine persons is felt after we have left their presence. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Good morning!

I’m writing to you from a friend’s place from a desk facing the
window and it’s raining. Most people don’t like rain but I do. The pitter patter sounds make me feel all warm and cosy.


Pardon the pensive topic (blame the weather), but I thought I’ll share a personal story.

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those moments when I suddenly
questioned and doubted my work for elegantwoman.org. A lady who
was highly educated held no reserve in letting me know her
(negative) opinions, saying the topics seem very “low brow”. In separate incident, a fellow guyfriend
looked at elegantwoman.org and its topics incredulously and in
disbelief. He mocked me slightly, though in a teasing way.

It’s time like these that I wish I never had to reveal
Elegantwoman’s website address.

I usually don’t. My husband does. And he doesn’t get it when I
resist. He thinks I’m shy. He thinks I’m too modest.

I guess elegantwoman.org has always been a “secret” work for me. I do this the same reason why I apply make up everyday. It is a form of self-care. I also don’t put make up on public, if you know what I mean. Obviously, not everyone is going to understand that.

Anyway, the reason why I doubted myself is because I felt small and silly especially with the way these intellectuals and high achievers make me feel, unintentionally of course. I don’t seem to understand why they think that’s all I’m about, and that’s all I do. People should be identified as who they are, not what they do, but I guess the former can only be established by friends who had a while to get to know you.

Calm Confidence

Talking about being comfortable in your own skin…that is why I
really love elegant women who are a couple of decades older than
me. They’ve got what we teenagers, twenty-something,
thirty-something don’t have…this sense of comfortable, relaxed
confidence. Now that’s sophistication!

Ines de la Fressange is one of those women for me. A french model
for Chanel in her early years and now a multitude of things,
fashion designer, author etc. I looked to her for inspiration as I
wanted to inject for casual elegance and chic into my wardrobe.

Read about my little style adventure on learning how to be chic.

How to Be Chic Tips

I think Ines de la Fressange looks great and she’s a real woman.
She looks completely natural and comfortable in their own skin. I
read her book, and I think I loved it for the pictures. The real
juice is in her tips…though admittedly, lots of her “how to do
chic” was too radical for my taste, but I get what she means.

My favorite tips from her book Parisian Chic:

  1. Only wear what you’re comfortable in.
  2. Be free spirited.
  3. Never follow convention.
  4. Never be bland or boring.
  5. Mix chic and cheap.
  6. Ageing isn’t just about what you wear.
  7. Be nonchalant and forget your age
  8. Be cooler and more easy going
  9. Be less selfish
  10. Be passionate about a man, a project, a house.
  11. Do only what suits you.
  12. Accept that there will be bad days, but make the most of the good days!

She says, “By all means carry on expressing your personal style,
but never let that translate into boredom, a lack of interest in
new trends, the absence of desire, clinging to habit and

The picture above is from a simple little gallery I made – Click chic to have a look. Polyvore.com is fun…it helps me get creative and
inspired – what I need to inject some life into my wardrobe!

Alright, that’s all for now, I’ll be there talking to you all on twitter and Facebook
(and writing more pages for elegantwoman.org).

Thanks for reading!

Shalom (which in hebrew means wishing you peace, wholeness, perfect health and well-being),

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