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Elegant Letters, Issue #13 Elegant Resolutions Into Elegant Routines

“What is it that defines a woman’s beauty? There are some who don’t impress me with womanly charm in spite off their pretty faces, and others who somehow shine
out in a crowd even though there’s nothing particularly dazzling about them.” – Chizu Saeki

Happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful time over the holidays.

I thank God for the holidays and the festive celebrations for helping us all set aside time to be together. It’s just another reason to spoil your family and friends with time and love.

How was your new year? Did you write your new year resolutions?

As usual, every year, I sit down and write my new year resolutions. Although I don’t take them seriously, it is fun to sit down and reflect.

This year, I want to share with you possibly a more effective and elegant way of writing your new year resolutions – writing them into workable action steps which eventually become routines.


The problem with new year resolutions is that the minute you write them, the buck stops there. You don’t actually know how to get the desired result. They are also a source of inducing guilt, which are not good when we want to focus on good, positive things.

So let’s begin,

What Are Your Elegant Resolutions?

What areas of elegance do you want to achieve?

Set up Elegant Routines

For example, I lost a bit of good posture because I neglected my workout routines over the holidays as I was busy entertaining. It made me realize how important exercise is for good posture.
This is especially noticable when your core muscles are weak. If you sit at a desk often like I do, your core muscles weaken faster than others who are out and about and as a result, your good posture and stance is affected, as well as your breathing.

So instead of writing, “I want to have good posture, be fit and toned.”, I incorporated a 10-15 minute yoga and strength training routine in the morning and just before dinner, or after 1 hour of eating. I don’t make it too rigid, my goal is to just make sure I move and stretch each day.

I’m terrible at going to the gym and it’s not convenient for me to take classes at the moment so I turn to the Wii and Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board
, coupled with Yoga
and ballet dvds. Overall, I’m happy with my results. (Click if you want to see which ones I use.)

Secondly, I want to spend more time reading and become more educated. So instead of writing, “Become more well-read.” again, I find a way to add that routine into my life.

Now I place a stack of books beside my bed that I want to educate myself with. I add a ‘feed my mind and soul’ (devotional) book which is the one I read first, so that I start the day positive, and have my heart filled with faith, hope and love. Before I sleep, I spend some time reading.

My current devotional is Destined to Reign Devotional: Daily Reflections For Effortless Success, Wholeness, and Victorious Living, which I get on email as well – you can sign up for free daily devotionals here. There is a subscribe now link at the bottom of the text. P.s. this is a christian devotional, you can use any other positive devotional too.

All of you by now know how important I think a devotional is to prep your mind, heart and soul for elegance (becoming elegant, attracting elegance) daily. Or maybe not if you have just joined us! 🙂

So by working out your new year resolutions into actionable steps and routines, it becomes a more practical way to achieve your elegant goals.

Now that I’ve discovered the power of routines, I’m working on establishing more elegant routines for all of you to achieve elegance…. I will keep all of you updated! I also like to believe the core existence of elegantwoman.org is education, which I hope to gear the site towards in this year. 🙂

Lastly, in my research for the site, I stumbled across this book The Japanese Skincare Revolution
. (I’m heading to Japan later this week to study culture and elegance in Japanese women and was prepping for my trip.)

The book is awesome for inexpensive and effective skincare, and it’s good if you want to learn a few great tips for facial massages, but my favourite bit of the book is what I want to share with you.

This is very applicable to elegance:

Take in Beauty with All Your Senses

Chizu Saeki writes, “My late husband used to tell me that I should expose myself to things of genuine quality. The two of us would often visit museums
and view historic masterpieces, dine a couple times a month at fancy restaurants, or travel to foreign countries, where we’d be moved by sights of nature and streetscapes
we had never seen before.

When you get out and about and experience new things, you’re bound to feel as if the cells of your entire body are imbibing the essence of beauty, making you more beautiful.
The face of someone who shuts herself up in a gloomy room all day is likely to be dull and impassive, while that of someone who goes outside and appreciates the beautiful things around her
will naturally be expressive and content.”

Okay, have a lovely rest of the week! Thanks for reading!

Shalom (which I learnt, means peace, wholeness, perfect health and well-being), Eunice

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