Buying Elegant Fashion Accessories – How To Buy the Right jewelry


When buying jewelry,

consider whether they are classic pieces or statement/accent pieces. Invest in good classic pieces.

Have a plan before going on your next shopping trip. Go through what you currently have. Take an inventory what you have already and what you need. Do you have too many of one thing?

Check the list of classic jewelry and fashion accessories.

Is anything lacking?

What to Avoid

What to avoid when shopping for elegant jewelry and fashion accessories.

  1. Avoid plastic. They always look cheap and never does your elegance any justice.
  2. Avoid fake silver or gold often found in low-end fashion brands. They give a dirty grey residue on your finger when wearing them. They also turn dirty grey after a couple of uses.
  3. Avoid costume jewelry that use cheap beads or fake plastic crystals.
  4. Check the clasps. Make sure they are not vulnerable or weak. You do not want them falling apart at dinner!
  5. If you are able to, shop for jewelry in the day. If there are any concerns of not buying it, it is clearer in the day. The shopping mall is lit differently in day time and night, probably influenced by the natural lighting or sun roofs. At night, everything sparkles and looks better.
  6. Avoid those that are trying to pass off as the real thing, or is a very obvious knock off.
  7. Avoid those that imitate a style set back a high end designer that became a popular trend.
  8. There was a time when an owl pendant necklace by a certain designer became an overnight sensation. Suddenly all the jewelry shops started selling imitation owl pendants. The point of the story is, if the item you are buying gives you a feeling that it might be a knock-off from a recent trend, you might want to check its origins first.
  9. Unless you don’t mind, of course.

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Jewelry Etiquette

See also Jewelry Etiquette: What to wear, how to wear it and how not to wear it. Learn how to accessorize elegantly.

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