Elegant Formal Gowns

formal elegant gown

I have a mad love affair with elegant formal gowns. (Formal evening gowns, formal ball gowns, elegant gowns, elegant formal dresses, ah the works!)

The only problem I have (and almost every girl in the world) is not having enough glitzy events to get dressed up!
Maybe the next company I should set up is a one that provides girls plenty of opportunity to get all pretty and poised. Anyway, here are my favorite gowns for this season.

(Disclaimer: Please note that I’m not a strict follower of fashion, I draw inspiration from everywhere and I usually stick to the elegant styles. Also, I’ve saved these pictures in my hard drive for many years, I cannot remember where they are from so please excuse me!)

Elegant Formal Gowns #1: The Classic Romantic

elegant formal vintage gowns

I’ve always loved a ‘messy’ look, which give a more relaxed, sentimental feeling. Like a girl who is beautiful but does not know it, who is a princess but never remembers. I love the innocence of the pastel colors of this gown. Most of all, especially how her make up is kept simple yet bright. She wears nothing but a lovely chandelier earring.
Simple elegance.
Elegant Formal Gowns #2: The Traditional Glitz

gold elegant formal gown

You can never go wrong with a glitzy gold color in a elegant gown.

The only things to watch out are how the fabric creases when you sit and stand because for those satin and silky gowns, you can spot creases a mile away!

It is bold yet understated, especially if you minimize on the bling everywhere else (your earrings, your hair, wrists, shoes, purse…) It also looks awesome if you have got a tan.

This is a fuss free choice. Especially when you do not have too much time to get ready!

Elegant Formal Gowns #3: The Beadings & Gloves

elegant gloves with gown

Usually when there are beadings on a dress, you assume it is an expensive dress because of the amount of handiwork.

You also know that they are extremely high maintenance and hard to keep. Therefore you see them only on wedding gowns and extremely formal gowns.

Nevertheless, they have an old world charm, very beautiful and rarer these days due to the lack of time and constant budget-cuts. If you can afford this luxury, enjoy it!

Also wearing gloves with your gowns definitely increases the formality and elegance by several notches. I don’t really bother whoever says they are out of style, they are a classic in elegant dressing.
Elegant Formal Gowns #4: The Classic Black Dress

black elegant formal gown

Just like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, every woman should subscribe to the motto to own a really fantastic little black dress. You may wear it to any dressy event with varying dress codes – ‘Black tie’, ‘White tie’, ‘Formal’, even ‘Cocktail’.

P.s. I really love how the black ribbons are in her hair to compliment the dress.
Elegant Formal Gowns #5: The Structured Gown

formal elegant gown

And I’ve saved my best for the last.
One of my absolute favorites.
I love ‘curtain’ looking heavy textured fabric in a rich color and how it is constructed. It has a definite shape to the dress, which gives a regal sense of elegance. Definitely my first choice!

That is all for now…I might do a page two soon!

Meanwhile, if you are looking for more elegant gowns, I’ve got some right here.

I’ve also written about Formal Evening Pageant Gowns, where I suppose you may also draw inspiration if you’re looking for your gown.

Interestingly, I often look at wedding dresses for inspiration even though I’m married. I’ll just make the elegant formal gown in another color!

Though remember, no matter what you do, in whatever beautiful dress you wear, to always have good posture. It makes a huge difference. I can tell in the various photos of myself over the years before I was aware of my less-than-perfect posture.

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