Elegant Lingerie

Lingerie should be something you enjoy intimately.

Keep lingerie….well PRIVATE

It shouldn’t be revealed or shown to just about anyone. While I can’t imagine showing even my underwear to my bestfriend, I thought that others might be comfortable with it and thus the need to state the earlier point.

Before the wedding, some well-meaning girlfriends may give lingerie as a pre-wedding gift. Of course that is fine, and definitely a touching gesture and I believe you must know your friend really well to give her lingerie…because lingerie is such a private and personal thing, tastes in lingerie differ widely.

As much as an accidental slip of lingerie can be quite sexy, most of the time, no one wants to see your lingerie!

Women who don’t care may come across shabby, sloppy and even, easy. An orange g-string popping up from the back of the jeans is not pleasant sight!

Be careful also when you’re wearing translucent or rather thin fabrics – a black bra under a white cotton shirt MAY look very chic (depending on what the overlook is or who is wearing), but really, not that many people are interested in viewing your hot pink lacy bra under your pastel blue blouse.

Lingerie should fit well

I used to think I am enough when it comes to deciding whether my lingerie fit, but now I differ in thought. For the amount of money I’m paying for lingerie, I will let the professional fitter-lady come into the dressing room to fit me!

Luckily, most brands have their sizing quite consistent. As long as I maintain my usual figure and weight, I don’t have to do it more than once a year!

Also, undergarments that do not fit just do not present your best proportion. It may even sabotage your form in that pretty dress that you’ve spent so much money on. It spoils the line of the clothes and your womanly figure. If you have a less than ideal figure, the right fit of undergarments will help accentuate or correct your shape.

The right care and treatment of your lingerie

We women usually very busy and complicated lives. We are often busy taking care of work, house, children, husband, parents, plants, pets etc. and sometimes we put ourselves last. One of those ways is by self-neglect and often that is also in the form of just dumping our undergarments into a laundry bag and let the washing machine beat the daylight out of them.

However, if I may suggest, one of the ways we can try to preserve our little womanly allure (or sexiness or mystique or whatever you may light to call them) is to indulge in some pretty lingerie (your taste your style! No one judge!).

After the purchase and being properly fitted of course, pretty lingerie can be a confidence booster even if you wear it for no one but yourself. Imagine feeling great in them and drinking a class of champagne listening to some soothing jazz. Maybe it would be a perfect time to wear them when we are slapping on a face mask…

There is also the care for these lingerie by washing them by hand, in shampoo – when you take your long bath. Some french women friends I know own 7 pairs (they cost a fortune each pair) and they just take them into the shower with them each day.

Then you store it nicely in a drawer, decorated if you can, or just neatly. Sitting there in the drawer looking pretty and sexy and luxurious is bound to perk you up on a bad day!

I mean, it is just a simple pleasure in life that we must enjoy!

Buying Lingerie

If you haven’t started buying some elegant, alluring lingerie that YOU like. Start with a black set, then nude then your fro-lick around in the change room to see what looks good on you!

Some girlfriends match their sets ALL THE TIME, but that’s just too stressful for me. I have a bunch of nude underwear in all shapes, boy cut, high cut, low cut etc to match the outfit I would be wearing. I think this is up to you. Everyone is different but can still feel feminine and beautiful.

Have a great time feeling elegant and beautiful with your lingerie!

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