Effortless Elegance – How does an elegant woman make it all seem so effortless?

Hi everyone,

How are you? I hope the year has started well for you.

Lately I’ve been thinking about a quality that all my favourite elegant role models seem to possess. I started typing away on this newsletter telling you about it, then alas, I’ve realized I’ve written a very long page.

This quality that I admire, is that no matter what they do, these elegant women make it all seem so effortless. Whether it is baking a cake, or planning a party, they’ve got the know-how and they’ve got it altogether. Yet they do not operate out of a business-efficient kind of mode. It is simply…effortlessly elegant.

This applies to their lives, their hair, make up, clothes and their occupation whether it is running a company or being a mother of three young children. They don’t seem to work terribly hard, are stressed out or seem to struggle.

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Of course, we know that is simply not true. However, they just make it seem that way.


For one, I believe it is the principles of elegance all acting together. And they also have a certain wisdom or call it sophistication of knowing what to reveal or when…or maybe never.

I believe it is appropriate, and an act of kindness.

I mean, it is much more pleasant and engaging to speak with someone who is totally ‘with you’ and whose mind is not far away, fretting about something. It is nice to be with someone who seem clear and free instead of a person who is flustered or who quite enjoy telling you how terribly busy or stressed they are.

These elegant folks are calm and ready to hear about what’s going on in your life. They are ready to share and engage from a point of stability rather than someone who is flaky and ‘all over the place’. I like to think that people naturally gravitate to the self-contained. And their ease about it makes you feel at ease too.

I really admire that. I want to develop this quality too.

To read more about this quality, click here for my article about Effortless Elegance.

Hope you enjoy this little letter and the article!

Warmest regards to you and your family,

writing to you from Singapore),

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