elegant french weddings

Elegant French Weddings

Elegant French Weddings aren’t your typical break-the-bank kind of wedding. How is it that they are still so stylish and chic? I investigate.

A french wedding isn’t your typical modern day break-the-bank kind of wedding. It focuses on traditional values of family, authenticity and celebration. Here is a quick insight…

After deciding to take up the French language as a hobby, I discovered why so many people desire to be “french”. They use french words as much as they can, or try to associate themselves with all things french. If there’s one thing we can learn from the French is their reverence for beauty, quality and authenticity.

While in Asia, everyone is looking for the cheapest, in France, everyone looks at the most expensive and then at what is the most expensive that they can afford.

Despite what others claim of rude Parisians, they have exquisite manners. Parisians are rude because they want to and dislike foreigners polluting their city etc. Embedded in them is the culture of making everything and anything as beautiful as possible.

There is always a prettier way of doing something, saying something.

Even beggars on their street try to straighten their jackets and posture to speak in as perfect grammatically correct French to you when you pass by.

Your wedding is probably the most expensive party thrown in your lifetime.

See how to have an Elegant Wedding Style.

And get some style pointers from the French!

Elegant French Weddings: Borrow A Page of French Style

Adapted from the book, Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl


The French girl’s wedding is a fete of a different color, usually an elegant shade of white.

It doesn’t much resemble our American break-the-bank, reception-hall extravaganzas, but it is a more intimate, close-knit affair. The French girl’s wedding usually features fewer guests, fewer attendants (or none at all) and more attention to quality, tradition and authenticity.

On the morning of her wedding day, the French girl’s groom calls for her and they visit the neighborhood mairie to sign the civil marriage documents. From there, the betrothed mari make their way to the local church or to the town hall (preferably on foot, with a long line of well-wishes and little mismatched flower girls in tow). Or the ceremony may take place in the garden of her family’s country home. Or in a jewel of a seventeenth-century chateau in a tiny hamlet deep in the French heartland.

After a the ceremony, the church or village bells chime and she proceeds with her husband to her family’s home to an old, familiar restaurant where the real celebration begins. The food is delicious and copious. A sumptuous buffet of smoked salmon, caviar, petits fours, oysters, freshly baked breads, and enormous quantities of champagne. A dinner of four elaborate courses presented on a finely dressed table, followed by a giant pyramid of caramel-coated cream puffs called croque-en-bouche (crisp in the mouth). The wine flows from unlabeled bottles from the local vineyard – or is exceptional vintage wine of the finest label.


There are flowers everywhere, laughter, abundant toasting and clinking of glasses. There is music – a local band playing favourite standards. There is dancing, lots of dancing, especially for the French girl herself.

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