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    How to be a Lady Page 3

    How To Be A Lady Page Three Ready for more “How to be a lady” bite sized lessons?   How to be a lady when making mistakes A lady is not…

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    Long Dresses Elegant?

    Long Dresses Elegant? About than 200 years ago, elegant long dresses are what all women only wear. Just look at several movies depicting life during Jane Austen’s time, and you’ll see…

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    12th Feb 2016 Newsletter

    Hi everyone, This is going to be a short email because my laptop is running low on battery! I had some time and I wrote a new article about the topic…

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    Elegant Lingerie

    Lingerie should be something you enjoy intimately. Keep lingerie….well PRIVATE It shouldn’t be revealed or shown to just about anyone. While I can’t imagine showing even my underwear to my bestfriend,…

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    Elegant Gowns For Your Formal Events

    So you have a red carpet event coming up… What elegant gowns are appropriate? How do you style yourself to look your elegant best? A formal event usually requires a formal…

  • formal elegant gown

    Elegant Formal Gowns

    I have a mad love affair with elegant formal gowns. (Formal evening gowns, formal ball gowns, elegant gowns, elegant formal dresses, ah the works!) The only problem I have (and almost…