Long Dresses Elegant?

Long Dresses Elegant?

About than 200 years ago, elegant long dresses are what all women only wear. Just look at several movies depicting life during Jane Austen’s time, and you’ll see how beautiful and feminine those dresses are.

Do we give as much thought into dresses as those ladies of the past?

Maybe, because we have more choices. We are relatively wealthier, with access and accumulation of many possessions, far exceeding wealthy women of that time.

No, because we have become busier.

Long dresses are extremely elegant. Problem is, we have reduced long dresses to be worn only at elegant events. And for most of us, these events only occur once or a few times a year. Therefore, we now see long dresses as another name for evening gowns. Long dresses are seen as too formal for everyday wear.

What a terrible waste! Long dresses are so pretty and dignified. When worn, it exudes a royal sense of confidence.

I made two pacts with myself.

One, is to make an effort to throw elegant events to provide all my friends opportunities to dress up, and with good causes to support too! See my article on Elegant Entertaining

Two, is to make an effort to find long dresses that can be worn for everyday.

So I’ve compiled a couple of looks here for your inspiration, perhaps you can just enjoy a little bit more elegance in your lives!

Much love, Eunice

Chic for the Office or Fashion Meetings

Elegant Casual


Black, Always Elegant

IAU Sponge

Classic Beauty

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