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Getting over Betrayal Elegantly

In recent years, I’ve had a couple of incidents where I felt extremely betrayed and going through that period of my life was quite tough. I had to deal with my turbulent emotions, hurt and it spilled over into my personal life when I was interacting with family and friends who loved me. I wasn’t myself and it affected my moods and how I behaved and it definitely affected my level of happiness. I tried to be strong, and by strong, I mean pushing my emotions aside or started talking and b***ching about it wherever I go and whoever could listen. That also brought out unhappy and awkward situations because maybe the listening friend or family member weren’t saying something…

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My first hello in 2018…and maybe in a very long while

HI everyone, I’m trying to fix all the issues of the new site, so please bear with all the broken links. Elegantwoman is a very large site and many posts I’ve written were used with old technology (my previous editor couldn’t spell or grammar check) and also, there were many changes in Google on how they would like me to present content to you (they keep changing their minds!) I had to link to other blogs (but what happens when they decide to shut down? Google does not let me know and I have a hundred broken links) Then I had to put small images for quicker loading, no now, large images are recommended! People are hungry for images! And…

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Non-Defensiveness – A Trait of a Highly Respected Woman

I was watching a re-run of Project Runway the other night, as a mode of relaxation (I find some comfort in watching re-runs of my favorite shows – haha) and something struck me as what I’ll term as an characteristic of refinement. It is somewhat a sign of classy behavior. It is about being non-defensive and being able to accept criticism with a cool head. There was this designer who was criticized for his work and his work ethic. I was rather impressed at how he just stood calm and confident, yet humble to admit to some of things he was criticized for, and yet not throwing anyone else (the other contestants) under the bus. From the way he responded, you…

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Number One Trait of Being Classy

Sometimes in my work on or just about everywhere I go, I meet people who are tedious. Reading their superior emails makes me tired. Their backhanded comments are served on a silver platter masked by kindness. I’m not interested in that kind of etiquette and society that is basically head knowledge filled with airs and pretension. You’ve missed the whole point of the knowledge of books, opera, wine, cheese, art if they are what you use to classify people. I don’t like the way a person is judged by their knowledge of books, opera, wine and art. Also, these days with social media especially INSTA-STORIES becoming even more prominent and part of our everyday lives, we are being bombarded…

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Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation – How to enjoy the Arts – How to appreciate art. This is an article about how I’ve found my passion and little niche in the art world and how I’ve discovered that they are all connected. Learning to appreciate the art is a pleasure and a joy; it is fulfilling and not as hard as some make it out to be. Why are the arts so important? Why should you support the arts? I’ve always been a lover of the Arts. I enjoyed literature, history, musicals, ballet, vocals … I also loved to sing, dance, write, paint and decorate. I appreciate elegant design. It was only recently that I discovered that these arts are somewhat related to…

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Clothing Etiquette

Dressing Elegant And The Importance Of Occasions Clothing Etiquette is Tasteful Dressing – The Importance of Occasions. A guide to elegance, the meaning of tasteful dressing, refined dressing, honing and possessing refined taste and innate style. Dressing etiquette is for all those who want to dress elegant. Knowing what is appropriate to wear on occasion requires as much good taste as it is to dress elegantly. Clothing Etiquette Knowing what is appropriate to wear on occasion requires as much good taste as it is to dress elegantly. Appropriateness, good grooming and adherence to the dress code are keys to having good clothing etiquette The choice of clothing is often dictated by the entertainment: what you wear to the opera is…

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