Wardrobe Refashioning – Essentials

How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe that Works

Wardrobe Refashioning Essentials – How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe That Works. The Elegant Woman’s Guide to A Basic Wardrobe.

We have understood that the foundation of an elegant wardrobe that works are based on a few principles, understanding your lifestyle, planning, editing and maintaining.

We’ve also established that you do not need a large quantity of clothes to have a good wardrobe. With a good wardrobe and elegant mix-and-match skills, you can be elegantly dressed in a reasonable amount of time.

So how do we build a basic wardrobe? We want the wardrobe of an elegant woman, so where do we start? Let’s get some wardrobe refashioning.

Wardrobe Refashioning Step One

Wardrobe Edit & Discard

The most important art is to omit- Robert Louis Stevenson

Take everything out from your current wardrobe, including those sitting in boxes, drawers.

We will now give your wardrobe the fresh start it needs.

Throw out

  1. Clothes beyond repair
  2. Clothes that are too big or small, or do not fit properly
  3. Clothes no longer in fashion
  4. Clothes that you don’t wear anymore because they are too long or short (we all know lengths of blouses and the waist lines of jeans, skirts, pants change according to fashion trends).
  5. Clothes with holes
  6. Clothes that are faded (no matter how trendy you think they are)
  7. Clothes that have rips in them
  8. Clothes that clearly have been washed too often
  9. Clothes with unremovable stains
  10. Cheap looking clothes (if you think it might look cheap, get rid of it!)
  11. Scuffed shoes
  12. Bags that have lost their shape
  13. Bags that are beyond repair
  14. Fabric bags whose fabric looks dirty and are beyond the wash
  15. Hats, accessories that have gone out of style
  16. Costume jewelry that looks dull and fake


  1. Cut all loose threads dangling from your clothes
  2. Repair all those missing buttons
  3. Bleach those whites that have gotten dull

Give away anything you haven’t worn in the past two years. If you have difficulty giving it away, put it in an box marked, “Salvation Army”. If you haven’t visited that box in six months, just seal it (without looking in it) and drop it off at the nearest Salvos.

Getting The First Step of Wardrobe Refashioning Done

Do it now, do not procrastinate. Come back here when you have done this. You might take a while, so do it in intervals of ten minutes. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

When sorting, do not try it on! This is the first basic round. If you do not know whether it fits, it is unlikely that you love it.

All done? Let’s Proceed to Wardrobe Refashioning Step Two: Acquiring Your Basics

Change your appearance and change what you do with your time – and your life will change. You are more in control than you think. – unknown.

Thank you for reading ‘Wardrobe Refashioning Step One’!

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