Tea Party Ideas

Party for Children

Thinking of hosting a tea party? Do you need some Tea Party Ideas? Here is a list of my favorite tea parties.

Tea Party Ideas

A Traditional Victorian Afternoon Tea

victorian tea room

Amongst all tea parties, it is always nice to have a traditional victorian afternoon tea once in a while.

Official invitations are sent in the mail using english tea notecards, handwritten or printed.

Tea party food, tea, coffee and sometimes chocolate are laid on a table covered with lace or white table cloth in a buffet style, though the tea is poured by the hostess for the guests.

It can be a sit down affair or stand and mingle around the living room.

For more detailed information, see Hosting a Tea Party

Tea Party Recipe

Darjeeling Tea
Tea Sandwiches
Chocolate muffins or cookies

Tea Party Ideas

A Spring Time Garden Tea Party

teddy bear picnic in a beautiful garden

The most beautiful place to have a tea party must be the garden.

Or outside for the matter. It could be in a beautiful balcony, on the patio, by the pool, and some suggest the tree house!

spring time

Flowers will be the main focus here. Using our finest china, dressing up in pretty pastel colours and wearing flowers in our hair has got to be one of those girlhood’s dream realized.


Tea Party Recipe

English teas
Egg salad Sandwiches
Jam Sandwiches
Lemon cakes
Chocolate Mints
Ice cream and jelly

Tea Party Ideas

A Party in a Basket

tea party in a basket

“Tea is a portable feast and a wonderful vehicle for sharing” – Emilie Barnes

The idea is to pack what you need for a tea party into a picnic basket, and go visit your friend, go to the park, up the mountains.

Use a thermos, air tight containers, gladwrap, sealed sandwich packs and you’re good to go.

You may even stop by the super market to get those adorable looking cheese & crackers packets for everyone.

Tea Party Recipe

Ginger spice tea & lemon tea.
cream cheese crackers
Walnut bread and apple pie
Egg mayo sandwiches

Tea Party Ideas

A Grown up Party for Children

When you and your dollies
So festive and jolly
Sit down to your afternoon tea
Since I can’t come tripping
To Join in Your Sipping
Please drink a wee cupful for me.
– Old English Vintage Card

Party for Children

Children love to play dress up so encourage them to do so! You can start by helping them plan, prepare and host the party, then you ‘leave’ them to it.

First of all, you can help them design and draw out their invitations. Use pretty colors, draw roses, cups of tea. Provide them with little ribbons and buttons, lace, stickers for embellishments.

Send them properly, by the mail. Do not hand them out in school.

Encourage the invited guests to dress up for the party on the phone as you call their mothers to confirm attendance.

On that eventful day, provide a little chest for dress up clothes – mock pearl necklaces, feathers, brooches, hats, scarves, gloves.

beautiful teapot with flowers and tea bags

Help set up the table – do it together with your child. Cover it with tablecloth, place a pot of flowers in the middle as centerpiece and place plates of assorted cupcakes, cookies, jellies in the widest array of colors you can find.

It will definitely be a day of picture perfect moments!

Tea Party Recipe

Fruit Teas (Pink lemonade, strawberry herbal teas are perfect)
Little fruit tarts
Cookie & biscuit assortment

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