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Mastering the Art of Being Classy

This article is not to teach anyone how to be classy, but it is simply an observation of the character we have in our minds of being classy and how it translates to achieving that same character. This page does not also encompass the entire subject.
I also use “classy woman” and “Pedigree woman” synonymously, simply because I am not fond of the words ‘class’ or ‘classy’ and use it only to illustrate the matter.

Being “classy” is a mark of refinement. You can be classy without the full measure of elegance or beauty. A classy woman appears to come from a long pedigree family and is more definitive in society.

Some women are naturally classy. They are because of how they were brought up, both by example and circumstance. And because of that, they enjoy the benefits of that culture and they assimilate easily into that community of like-minded folks.

Others, who do not know how to elevate themselves, who do not carry the mark of refinement, find themselves frustrated at the unspoken code.

So maybe you want to identify yourself with that character of being classy. You want to learn how to be classy because you want to be identified that way. So I summarized the five most important basics of
achieving that character. With these basics, you can springboard your way into the woman you want to be.

P.s. this is not the be all and end all of how to be classy – it would be as long as a book! (which I might write someday).

How A Classy Person Is Identified

Here are the main five qualities.

1. She treats everyone as an equal

Henry Higgins from ‘My Fair Lady
‘ said in this awesome quote.

You see, the great secret, Eliza, is not a question of good manners or bad manners, or any particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls. The question is not whether I treat you rudely, but whether you’ve ever heard me treat anyone else better.

Of course, he wasn’t very nice to Eliza Doolittle, but the point is that the Pedigree woman has the same manners towards every person, no matter what status or level of the social hierarchy.

She would speak to the janitor, waiter or hotel receptionist as she would to her friends. Always polite, unhurried, undemanding. She does not gush or laugh a little louder to try to impress or please. She does not elevate or ‘humble’ herself. She has one manner for all.

This is a must-do for anyone learning how to be classy. Only average and very common people save their best manners for someone more important than them.

2. She is Kind, Thoughtful And Considerate

Most think they already are kind, thoughtful and considerate of others, which I’m sure they are, but how does this guideline sets the Pedigree woman apart? What is it that makes her classy?

How to be classy is all in the details.

She is always extremely punctual, because she does not want anyone to wait. If you are late, she will tell you to take your time. While she doesn’t mind her guests to be late, she hates to be late.

She is properly dressed at all time. Why? It is because she not want to convey sloppiness – which translates to “I don’t think you are important enough for me to make an effort.”

If you spilled coffee on her rug, she will make light of it because she thinks your feelings are more important.

Her speech is always gracious because complaining and being negative ruins someone’s mood.

3. She is a Quality over Quantity type of woman.

She develops an acute taste and eye for quality. This requires discipline, be it shopping for books or food. To prefer quality is a form of respect. She respects herself, the workmanship, and the cost of what it took to obtain it.

She does not take shortcuts and takes pride to be the best of herself. She also treats herself well. There is a misconception that you need to be able to afford a lot to be able to enjoy quality. However, if you forgo quantity and buy less, you’ll realize that you can enjoy quality too.

An example of how to be classy in her everyday choices is, she would rather spend the cost of a fast-food meal at the supermarket, picking up the freshest ingredients, then to take that shortcut and sustain herself with a non-nutritious meal.

If one lacks the time to do so, discipline would be needed to omit non-productive time consuming activities. And therefore free up time to devote herself to quality pursuits.

4. She Values Education and Self-Improvement

She who is classy seeks an understanding of herself, of others and the world. How else is she going to be a useful and contributing member of society if she is riddled with personal problems?

She makes an effort to be interested in matters outside herself.

Therefore, reading is a mainstay hobby for intellectual pursuits and so are sports because it develops character. Travel is valued because it expands horizons and helps her gain perspective. It increases her understanding on culture.

However, education and self-improvement are not seen as a chore. It is enjoyed, pursued relentlessly to further develop her mind and character. Great personal satisfaction is derived from it.

5. She Contributes to Society

She often thinks about how she can give, and be a useful and contributing member of society. She realizes this secret…giving and living larger than yourself is a source of great happiness and fulfillment.

Thus, she is generous. She wants in her own way, to make the world a better place. She wants to be a useful and contributing member of society.

How does she do it? She contributes with whatever resources she has, be it time, money or connections. She could volunteer her time at a charity, or church. She sits on the board for events which have a noble cause. Those who have deep pockets donate, build schools or help raise funds.


While the Pedigree woman can show us lots more ways on how to be classy, I believe these five qualities act as principles and definitions of being classy.

They are the starting points and everything else is in the details, which are built on as you go along.

All the best and good luck! 🙂 – Eunice

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