The Non-Designer Elegant Style: Read about my recent inspirations of being an elegant woman…without designer items.

Hello! How are you? I hope all has been well.

My September was filled with exams and assignments with my part-time course. My birthday came and flew as well. I don’t really like big celebrations (well not anymore) so I celebrated my birthday in a quiet, yet indulgent way. I did all my favorite things and had lovely meals with my favorite people, and made them promise not to make a fuss. I accepted presents though. 🙂

Anyway, I decided to write an article about my recent inspiration of the non-designer elegant woman. They’ve always inspired me but I am freshly and newly convicted that that is who I am (or at least want to be…and please note I’m not saying I will never buy a luxury item again).

My view of luxury good have not changed. I don’t view them as good or bad, and same as before, I still believe that principles of elegance should guide style and living precede the use of luxury goods. Enjoy them if you have them!

Maybe they no longer gave me the confidence that they used to give me. My confidence comes from elsewhere now.

I also wrote about how my personal brand of elegance has evolved and how the non-designer woman continues to inspire me.

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What is your style of elegance? Designer? Non-Designer? A bit of both?

Something else?

Anyway, hope you like it!

Have a great day, thanks for reading,

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