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Tea Party Ideas Continued!

Teddy Bear Picnic: A Child’s Party For Grown Ups

Just the other day I had a nostalgic moment of wanting to be a child again when my first Blythe doll arrived in the mail.

the other day I had a

I remember having lots of time on my hands, mulling over the decision which toy should I play with now.

teddy bear picnic for adults

How about having a Teddy Bear Tea for grown ups? As ___ says, a teddy bear tea for grownups can both be poignant and enchanting.

Invitations: Teddy bear stationary. (oh how much I love those english bears!)

Note to Guests: Bring their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal like show and tell.

Decorations: A few teddy bears and flowers as centerpiece, children’s books piled in an easy accessible corner.

Set out a few seating places for some teddy bears (which was what I used to do as a child – I would have tea time with my teddy bears).

Tea Party Recipe

Camomile tea,

Childhood favorite cookies,
Chocolate cake,

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,
Teddy bear biscuits.

Tea Party Ideas

A Cup of Christmas

Christmas tree

Sometimes planning a full blown Christmas party can be intimidating with so many factors to look after. Why not have a Christmas tea instead?

Preparations are much easier, you can make a trip to the bakery to get most of your items and many of the choices on sale will be of a Christmas theme!


Send out invitations in the form of Christmas cards, add a few greens and red ribbons to the centerpiece.

tea party for Christmas

Tea Party Recipe

A variety of teas
Pecan cake or blackforest log cake.
Christmas pudding
A variety of tarts
Fresh strawberries, blackberries
Assorted Christmas cookies

Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party For Two

english tea time

Who says you a tea party cannot be just you and a special someone?

Instead of heading out to the cafes and restaurants where there is no privacy and waiters will be coming over often to take another order or sending you the bill, the very restaurant way of asking you to leave.

Set a table for two using your best place mats, tea pot and cuts, place a flower or two as the centerpiece and use little plates to display an assortment of tea party foods so that you and your friend will have a ball selecting which one to eat next.

Play some jazz music in the background, open the windows wide, and enjoy the afternoon tea for two!

Tea Party Recipe

Two tea choices (loose tea leaves type)
Butter cookies
Fruit tarts
Tea sandwiches

A Collection of Miscellaneous Tea Party Ideas

  1. Send a teabag in your invitation!
  2. Ask everyone to bring his or her tea cup.
  3. Dress code: “lil’ ol’ english ladies over the top”
  4. Have a dress up table for scarves, shawls, hats, feathers that guests can dress up or swop items for ‘being more dressed up’ during the party.
  5. Have everyone bring something to have a potluck tea party.
  6. Though its best to have someone be the coordinator so that duplicate things won’t be brought.

  7. Send a homemade video inviting the ladies for tea.
  8. Make your tea party a themed one!
  9. Have a tea dance! Introduce a little dancing after tea time.
  10. Throw a tea dance for children aged 12-14 with a good mix of boys and girls. They’ll love that.
  11. Schedule a tea party every month for your family, girlfriends, club, charity etc.


Thank you for reading “Tea Party Ideas”!

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