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Fascinating Womanhood Week Six

Fascinating Womanhood Week Six: Power of Being Childlike

You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.Henry D. Thoreau

Readings for this week: Chapters 24 – 26,

Feminine Appearance, Feminine Manner, Feminine Nature

Your Love Booklet

Where is your love booklet? Place it somewhere very accessible so you would journal in your entries regularly. I had a theme for my love booklet entries.

I used to save all the loving text messages he sent me by writing them down in my love booklet.

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Assignment Six

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Part 1: Childlikeness

What are some characteristics of little children?

What are the characteristics when they are angry?

How can childlikeness help my marriage?

Part 2: Childlike Anger

Does my husband ever mistreat me in any of the following ways

  1. Criticize me harshly
  2. Insult me too far
  3. Impose on me unduly
  4. Neglect me overly
  5. Ignore me
  6. Tease me

How do I usually respond?

  1. Fly off the handle with a nasty temper
  2. Shrink back and act wounded
  3. Retreat into my shell
  4. Hold my tongue but smolder inside
  5. Talk to him

What was his reaction?

Has this created problems? Would you like a better way?

How to express childlike anger

Write down Mannerisms which seem natural to you in expressing childlike anger

Write down some Adjectives to use in expressing Childlike anger

Write down some Exaggerated Statements which seem natural to you in expressing childlike anger

Things To Remember About Childlike Anger

  1. Express childlike anger at the moment of offense, not sometime later when the situation has passed. If you fail to express it at the moment, take it as an opportunity to think through your problem. Ask yourself what you should have done and would do next time. And don’t blame your husband.
  2. Use child-likeness with medium offenses. Trifles we must learn to overlook. Major offenses may be so disturbing they are difficult to approach with child-likeness (though not impossible.) But do express childlike anger with medium offenses.
  3. Do not express childlike anger 1) When your husband has failed in his world of responsibility. 2) When you feel bitterness, resentment, or other ugly emotions.
  4. Child-likeness is one of the most important parts of F.W. for some women – women who are easily wounded or who have a husband who is difficult to live with. It can ease some of the most intense emotional pains in a marriage.
  5. A man does not want a woman he can mistreat. He prefers one who can express herself openly.
  6. Let him act himself. You learn to react.
  7. Work to overcome the tendency to anger by: 1)spiritual growth and 2)building self-respect.

Part 3: Teasing Playfulness

When he is angry, cross, irritable, upset, stern…

The childlike way to deal with his anger:

  1. Exaggerate by words or manner
  2. Distract his attention
  3. Change the subject
  4. Be submissive, in a childlike way
  5. Be teasingly playful

Self check

Is your husband ever – angry with you? Cross? Irritable? Overly stern?

How do you usually handle the situation?

  1. Fly off the handle
  2. Criticize him
  3. Act wounded
  4. Cry
  5. Shrink into my shell
  6. Act cool
  7. Smolder inside and resent him
  8. Calmly talk to him and try to get him to change

What is his response?

Special Assignments

Special Assignments

Past Experience with YOUR anger:

Recall past moments when he mistreated you. How did you react? What was his reaction? Did problems develop because of it? Think through
how you would do it, if you had it to do over again

Past Experience with HIS anger:

Recall past moments when he was angry with you. How did you react? Think through how you would do it this time.

Stand before the mirror and practice some childlike expressions and mannerisms.

If your husand in any way mistreats you this week, respond with childlike anger, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Observe his reaction and write loving things he says or does in your love booklet.

Part 4: How to Ask for Things

Some Things I have Always Wanted
(To have, to do, to go, to have done.)

What are some Childlike ways of asking?

Don’t ask for things which

(To be effective, must be living F.W.)

  1. Are selfish
  2. He can’t afford
  3. Conflict with his responsibilities
  4. Are against his convictions, judgement
  5. Would place a heavy burden on him

Don’t directly ask for gifts, dates, love,tenderness and affection.

Begin by asking for something easy for him to do. In this way, he learns to enjoy doing things for you

Nine ways to be Childlike

To become more childlike, which do I need to work on?

Review of Child-likeness

Children tend to be trustful, teachable, believing and forgiving.

In Fascinating Womanhood, we cultivate these traits.

We also copy the manner in which children express emotions.

When a child is offended he doesn’t respond with an ugly,
cutting remark nor does he conceal his feelings. His emotions surface quickly and dramatically! He is honest and outspoken. Instead
of holding a grudge, he tends to be forgiving.

Child-likeness is one of the most charming traits taught in Fascinating Womanhood.

It is the spice and spark of the subject and keeps the angelic side from becoming ‘too sweet’. Men love this trait in women. It
amuses and fascinates them because it is such a contrast to their own masculine strength and ability.

Part 5: Summary

Things to remember:

  1. The most basic principle in winning a man’s love is to make him feel like a man.
  2. Let him function as the guide, protector and provider.
  3. When you don’t agree, surrender your will to his.
  4. Need his masculine care and protection, or at least appear to need it.
  5. Don’t excel him in anything masculine.
  6. Remember the power of femininity. It is stronger than the greatest persuasion.
  7. Your happiness lies mainly in your role as an ideal wife, mother and homemaker.
  8. When you begin to live F.W., there’s no turning back. Once he tastes the sweet, he won’t be content with the old you again.
  9. If you backslide, count it as normal. Take courage and make another effort.
  10. Remember, you hold the keys to your own happiness in marriage.
  11. It takes considerable self-discipline to live Fascinating Womanhood. So be prepared to bite your tongue to keep from saying destructive things and exert yourself to do the right things.
  12. Forget about your husband’s faults, past mistakes, blunders, lacks and failures.
  13. In Fascinating Womanhood, you focus on his better side.
  14. Fascinating Womanhood is not about book learning. It is a way of living, a way of thinking, a way of saying and doing things to bring improvements to marriage.
  15. The two most common causes of marriage problems are selfishness and a failure to live your role.
  16. A key to success is to learn to give, without thought of return. Don’t give just 50%. Give 100%
  17. Resentment – to have a successful marriage, rid yourself of a resentful attitude towards your husband.
  18. Remember: Let him act himself and you learn to react.

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