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This Ms Manners style page is based on Victorian Etiquette on everyday life. They are focused on setting good examples for children.

Ladies First

In Ms Manners Victorian style etiquette, there is always a ladies first policy.

Though not practiced as much in modern day, I would still want my son to learn how to let the ladies go first.

It is always a pleasant surprise when a man lets me use the bathroom first on the airplane or when boarding a bus.

I enjoy watching a gentleman giving up his seat to a lady.

I thank these gentlemen gratefully.

In a narrow passage way, a lady should walk first unless the road is on rocky ground, or if he needs to leave the way.

When doing so, he may place his hand under her elbow appropriately.

When walking beside a road, ladies should allow gentlemen to walk on outside nearest the road, according to tradition.

It is good etiquette for a man to stand aside and allow a woman to pas through an open door ahead of him.

If the door is closed, he reaches forward and opens the door for her. However, if it is a heavy door, it makes more sense for him to step ahead and push the door open, leading the lady through it.

Ladies should always say thank you and smile, to encourage more of these behavior!

Any courteous person holds a door open for the person following him or her. It is extremely rude to let a door slam behind.

Gallantry is always in style.

What Do You Think Of Your Personal Image?

Emily Post says, “these are some things that
present an image of who we are to others, and
if we are sloppy in performing them, this image may well be other than we would like it to be.

Ms Manners etiquette must a higher priority in the past.

Girls are sent to finishing schools. Etiquette and manners are taught rigidly at home by elegant mothers.

A Personal Experiment

We are usually not aware of our posture, form and gestures.

If you can, have yourself videotaped
for a couple minutes doing just a few everyday things.

Sit and stand. Walk. Eat. Talk. Laugh. Smile. Tell a joke.

You’ll be amazed to find unconscious behaviors, little gestures that you aren’t aware of.

For instance, I have this habit of wobbling my head slightly especially when I laugh. I also have a slight bob. I don’t like it. It is unsightly. It is ungainly.

Do a self analysis and find out what good habits you’ll like to develop.

Audrey Hepburn - 1964.jpg

Audrey Hepburn – 1964
” by movie studio

Diana, Princess of Wales.jpg

Diana, Princess of Wales
” by Международная_Леонардо-премия_17.jpg: Nick Parfjonov
derivative work: Surtsicna – This file was derived from: Международная Леонардо-премия 17.jpg. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Mirror and video camera on the wall, can you tell me what I need to work on?

I think I don’t have to mention examples of elegant women with poise? We all have somebody in our mind whose elegance we admire.

What I Wish I Knew Long Ago

There are somethings that I wish our mothers or teachers had told us!

A person who stands and sit straight looks better. But she also needs to move fluidly to have a graceful carriage.

A common bad habit is a round-shouldered slouch, with head thrust forward and stomach left to ‘hang out’.

Graceful standing and walking consists of, shoulders back, chin in and slightly up, abdomen and stomach in, back straight and knees relaxed. Arms should swing naturally.

How did Audrey Hepburn, one of the most elegant women of all, attain beautiful carriage and posture?

According to one biographer, her grandmother tied her neck to the back of her chair at the table, so she would not slump over her food, but rather would learn to put only small amounts of food on her spoon to bring to her mouth.

When we practice enough, good carriage and posture becomes instinctive.

Ms Manners Of Being A Good Neighbor

These days, we are living in closer proximity with our neighbors.

How to be a good neighbor

  • Watch the volume of your music, television, your children, your voices
    especially living in close quarters such as in apartments.

  • Do not be moving furniture in the middle of the night or letting your washing machine run.
  • Set a household rule that everyone should quieten down after 930 pm.
  • Respect your neighbor’s privacy. Do not pry or ask any questions that might invade into her privacy.
  • Do not impose on your neighbors’ expertise. Just as you would not wish them to impose on you, for example, if you are a doctor, you would not wish for your neighbors to regularly pop in to give free advice. The same goes for tax or legal advice.
  • If neighbors who impose on your professional abilities or personal time, simply and gently refuse saying, “I’m really sorry, my attorney advises against consulting in an unprofessional setting, why don’t you come to see me in my office”. Most people will get the hint though you could offer a discount of some sorts.

    Ms Manners, Peggy Post
    says some doctors she knows eventually become social hermits
    because their friends always wanted free advice. Can you imagine how annoying it must be?

  • Never borrow your neighbor’s eggs, sugar, flour, or coffee maker. Make up an excuse if people want to borrow yours saying you are using it right now.

    As for neighbor’s pets, never ever feed them with your food. Never feed them, period. Just like we don’t like other people to reprimand our children, we should not be deciding on what goes into their beloved pet’s body.

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