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Funeral Thank You Notes

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What do you do after you have received all the flowers, gifts and sympathy cards from friends and family?

What should you do next? How should I thank them?

Do I thank them in person? On the phone? Or shall I send them a thank you card?

Sending Funeral Thank You Cards

You may send thank you notes after the funeral.

Funeral Thank You cards or letters are personal messages on simple cards to acknowledge expressions of sympathy. You may use some blank note cards of a simple design and write a short message of thanks for their love and prayers.

If you find that you are writing more than twenty cards, you may also wish to print it and personally sign off every one.

A simple brief message will do.

“The family of ______ wishes to thank you for your kind expression of sympathy”

Funeral Thank You Card Sayings Samples

It is acceptable to print notes with the same message, then add a “Dear so-and-so” with a short personal message.

If you are writing on behalf of your family, or for yourself, you may wish to write

“Thank you so much for your sympathy card, I (or my family and I) appreciate your kindness and sympathy.”


“Thank you for the beautiful flowers and your kind expression of sympathy”

You need not send thank you messages to sympathy cards and flowers to businesses or companies that sent them. (Simply because they are sent as a company – namely, you do not know exactly who sent them and you can’t address the company as one person in your funeral thank you notes.

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