Elegant Women Church Suits

Looking for Elegant Women Church Suits?

If you are going to church, find out what is the dress code.

Some churches remain formal while others are very casual. It is okay for someone to wear jeans and flip flops in church!

A traditional church usually has an formal dress code. It is a good idea to call and ask!

In some cases, the dress code changes according to the occasion, a baptism, a christening, a wedding or funeral.

Of course, elegant church suits are beautiful.

P.s. All the pictures are clickable and when you do, you can see where they are from and how much they cost.

Where are All The Elegant Women Church Suits?

I’ve scouted around for elegant women church suits and those I have found are either vintage or are the Chanel tweed suits, both of which are hard to get.

I’ve figured that the category of “church suits” have since been outdated. Nevertheless, I’ve figured how to still adapt the tradition of church suits to modern day society.

Visit any boutique that sells suits in general or office wear. Pick the ones in light pastel colors NOT black (unless you are attending a wake). Colors such as light blue, yellow, white, pink.

Then proceed to a millinery boutique and pick out your hat, and perhaps to a departmental store for your gloves.

Not Easy to Find A Church Suit In Your Area?

You can also pick out jackets, cardigans, wraps and pair them with matching skirts instead. That may actually work out to be a cheaper option PLUS you can mix and match.

Modern Day Church Suits?

Church suits should not be limited to “suits” as well. These days, there is a greater acceptance for ‘coming as you are’, which is great! I still think it is very wonderful to dress you Sunday best for church.

I think little sleeveless dresses suit very well for the occasion, as long if the length of skirt is not too short. If it is a little chilly, you can always pair it off with a cardigan or a shawl.

Make An Elegant Church Suits Out of Your Own Wardrobe

Work with whatever you have! This is what I wear to church.

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Where are All The Elegant Women Church Suits?

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