Elegant Parties – Brunches & Luncheons

Elegant Parties – Planning a Brunch or Luncheon? We’ll set the record straight – What is a brunch? What is a luncheon?

This is a cross between an Elegant Coffee or Afternoon Tea. The food served is more substantial and you’ve got a wider choice of places to host a brunch. You can do it from home, in your garden, on your patio, by the pool, or go to a restaurant, a pancake parlor, a sea side cafe, and of course, hotels.

The word “brunch” originates a combination of breakfast and lunch. It usually starts at 1030-11 to about 2pm. Usually you will serve a big plate of hot food with eggs, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, french toast. Followed by fruit, cakes, coffee or tea.

It is perfect for a relaxed weekend morning and afternoon.

Hosting A Brunch

What You’ll Need

  • Some egg choices – sunny side up, scrambled, omelet etc.
  • Some meat choices – sausages, bacon, ham etc
  • A plate of fruit
  • Two bread choices – sourdough, wheat, muffins
  • A variety of coffee and tea and sweeteners
  • Juice and Water.
  • You can host a brunch at a restaurant, just call up and ask for the best tables to be reserved.

    What To Wear To Brunch

    If the brunch is held in honor of a special guest, call your host to ask for the dress code.

    Brunch can be very casual to dressy.

    If the brunch is held in a restaurant your dress code depends on restaurant.

    Sometimes the dress code for brunch depends on the style of your host. Try to match her.

    It’s best to go for a smart casual day time outfit. See Basic Wardrobe Guide
    or Day Time Dressing on Dress Etiquette.

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