The Elegant Woman in her mature years

cece rhodes gossip girl elegant woman

cece rhodes gossip girl elegant woman

How to be elegant beyond 60. A woman can be elegant at any age. Read and study the character of Cece Rhodes who looked as though she has maintained perfect carriage and poise. She is an inspiration for all of us!

I know Cece Rhodes from the television series Gossip Girl
isn’t the only example of an elegant mature woman. In fact, I wrote about Barbara Bush a while ago.

However, she is the one of the more accessible examples simply because she is on a popular television series.

You can read about
her online, or google for images her. You may even study her mannerisms, carriage
and poise by watching Gossip girl. She’s not on every episode unfortunately, but you can also study the excellent carriage
of her daughter, Lily Van der woodsen, who also made my Elegant Woman ‘hall of fame’ too.

Who says elegance is for young 20-something models? You can be elegant at any age!

What I like about Cece Rhodes as an Elegant Mature Woman

  • Carriage and Poise
  • Hair, Make Up
  • Clothes – Here is an article on how to dress elegantly above 60.
  • Witty banter (though sometimes mean)

    She has all the qualities of refinement.

    Here is a fun blog that did quite a nice blogpost about her: Cece Rhodes. (Please don’t take this seriously).

    Short Video Clips Of Cece Rhodes

    Pardon the rather inappropriate music….

    Here is another short clip on youtube where I couldn’t embed: Click here.

    There are not many clips available of Cece Rhodes online simply because she was only a small character, but from this clip
    you can hear
    her turning a request down politely and graciously.

    Though the television series Gossip Girl isn’t exactly synonymous with elegance, there are a few portrayals of
    elegant women, even if they don’t exactly have the best character. Watch it if you have time and watch out for Lily Vander Woodsen
    and Cece Rhodes. Just study how they carry themselves, walk, speak and of course what they wear to shop, to dinner, or to a ball.

    Watch now: Gossip Girl

    To have some background information about her character as Cece Rhodes on gossip girl

    Lovely Pictures of Her Elegance

    P.s. I do not own nor claim to have any rights to these pictures. I’m just using them for illustrative purposes.

    elegant mature woman

    elegant mature woman

    elegant mature woman

    elegant mature woman

    Thank you for reading ‘Elegant Woman in her mature years – Poise and Grace forever’!
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