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Elegant Letters, Issue #24 Finding your place in Art appreciation, Having an elegant Christmas

Ballet is an expression of the very essence of life; it is the greatest physical and spiritual celebration. Dance is the union of time and space. Its limitations and transitory nature form the very nature of its beauty. It exists only in time and memory. One must constantly keep on seeking it out and rediscovering it. It is a never-ending search for a perfection to which one can only aspire in each successive performance.”
– Woytek Lowski ”

The Nutcracker Ballet - Snow Queen & Snow King

The Nutcracker Ballet – Snow Queen & Snow King

What do the Arts mean to you?

Do you embrace it? Seek to understand it? Or do you feel it is beyond your comprehension and reach?

Sprinkled among the pages of elegantwoman.org, I’ve emphasized that elegance is largely a matter of the heart but also a commitment to on-going education. However, learning about elegance is not meant to be a chore, but rather an enjoyable journey on discovering yourself and the “culture of elegance”…and finding where you fit in. There’s always a place for somebody!

What do I mean by that?


I’ll like to use my latest article about

Art Appreciation to help illustrate what I mean.

To some, the world of art is intimidating. Some feel it is pretentious. Most have a genuine interest, but don’t know where to start. Many had the courage to try but got lost and gave up.

Now, I’m not an art connoisseur but I’ll like to suggest a few ways on how to enjoy the arts and why it is important.

I wrote about my experience about finding ‘my place’ in art. That’s what I mean – you can love art. You can enjoy art. It might take a little while to find ‘your angle’ but when you find it, there are a lot of benefits and fulfillment.

Here are some related benefits:

  • It will do lots for your facial expression. (Hard to believe but it’s true because art shapes your mind and tastes). It also makes you more beautiful!
  • Yes, it shapes your mind and influences your taste.
  • It has a refining and polishing effect – that is one of the ways how a woman becomes cultured.
  • It develops your keen sense of beauty.
  • You’ll see and experience life on a whole other level! This cannot be written about but only experienced!
  • Read more about
    Art Appreciation – How to enjoy the Arts – How to appreciate art

    P.s. I’m passionate about Ballet at the moment. I also find myself learning more about music and getting introduced to the Opera. I’ve recently discovered how they are all somewhat connected!

    The Meaning of Christmas

    christmas tree

    Christmas is here and it is the favorite time of the year!

    I love Christmas because of the Christmas parties and family gatherings. Everyone is in a mood to meet up. Sometimes I feel we all get so caught up in our own lives, we don’t make enough time for our beloved friends and family.

    That is why Christmas is a great time!

    Not only that, there are the holidays! It is also a great break from work and who can forget the food and maybe it’s mostly the presents! My email has been bombarded with news of sales and promotions etc.

    In the midst of Christmas trees and the beautiful decorated stores, let’s not forget the meaning of Christmas. It is the time to remember that our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ is born. What does that mean? It is a message of hope. Life is already challenging enough … let’s not focus on our mistakes, let’s not despair on things beyond our control instead, let’s believe, and hang on to our faith and hope!

    Faith and hope and belief that Jesus saves – not just in the ‘traditional sense’ but He is interested in you, in your success and anything you care about. I always forget that but Christmas is such a great time to remember.

    It is also a special time for me to show appreciation to all those I care about. This shows when I give a really great and creative gift. So I try to make the effort!

    Elegant Gift Giving

    Read more about how to be an elegant gift giver.

    Christmas card etiquette

    The best part about the gift is actually the Christmas card. I always give a gift with a Christmas card or I would at least write a personal, heartfelt message on the package (if I ran out of Christmas cards).

    Don’t forget to write the Christmas card! Say what you need to say now, don’t hold back. There are not many times in life when we get such opportunities to tell someone how much they mean to you.

    Christmas Card Etiquette

    Need some inspiration on words?

    Last year’s Christmas Message

    Elegant Gift Wrapping

    Also, wrapping is important too. You don’t have to spend a bomb on wrapping – just use a little creativity.

    I once received a gift wrapped in beautiful pages of an old bridal magazine. It looked so beautiful with the wedding dresses on beautiful paper.

    One of my favorite methods is to use simple brown paper with beautiful ribbons and a little gift card attached. Another favorite thing I like to do is to recycle wrapping material or baskets or boxes that came with bouquets of flowers or gift hampers.

    Gift wrapping...

    Gift wrap

    What’s Been Happening

    I’ve been spending lots of time with family and friends… and getting my house in order. Renovation threw my ‘house system’ off and now I have to do a Flylady and try to get rid of clutter. It has been a challenge, I’ll admit.

    I’m barely coping with my emails! My inbox has been flooded. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to reply to most of your emails.

    Also, it is time of the year where I’ll like to do some reflection of what has happened, how I spent my time and look to the future of what I would love to do…even if it is just dream!

    No promises, but I’ll try to blog more on Elegantwoman’s blog and of course write more articles!

    A Big Thank You to All of You

    Thank You my dear Flickr friends

    Last but not least, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who has ‘travelled’ with me for the past year. It has been a fun journey, I enjoy reading all your emails, little posts and comments on Facebook. Thank you for sharing with me a bit about your lives and being so encouraging.

    I pray you’ll have a meaningful and elegant Christmas.

    Let’s look forward to the new year.

    I hope you’ll also have some time to yourself to write some new elegant aspirations. Share it with me sometime!

    Write your elegant aspirations

    Merry Christmas once again to you and your family,

    P.s. I tweet randomly about what’s happening in my life on twitter (which may not be related to elegance) and Facebook. While I’m busy reading, researching, planning and writing pages on elegantwoman.org, I occasionally blog.

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    Thank you for reading ‘Elegant Letters Issue 24’!

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