Conversational Blunders


The secret of success in conversation is to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. – unknown.

I updated one of my favourite pages on The Art of Conversation. Though it can be a serious subject, I find it hilarious reading it again because it reminds me of people I love.

We are all not perfect, and we make these mistakes from time to time.
I’m sure beneath all their conversational blunders, they are either caring for us or voicing out an insecurity that we can squash by some loving reassurance, appreciation and much needed admiration and attention.
From The Art of Conversation on Elegantwoman.org,


I’m sure we are all familiar with these conversational blunderers.

  1. The Bragger
  2. The One Who Uses “Oh it is tres chic!”
  3. Conversational Monopolies, Story Snatchers & Bores
  4. Correctors, Patronizers and Condescenders
  5. The Argumentative Type
  6. The One Who Insults
  7. The One Who Slangs
  8. The One Who Interrupts
  9. The Name Droppers
  10. The One Who Interrupts
  11. The Unfair Conversational Exchanger
  12. The Snoop
  13. Wandering Eye
  14. The One Who Asks Too Many Questions


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