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Classy Style Elements

Welcome to the second installation of Classy First Steps Online Course.

Classy Jewelry Style

A pedigree woman may have a fine collection of jewelry, most of which you’ll never see. She wears simple jewelry in the day or none at all. Her finest jewels are for special events, like a charity ball.

In the day time, she may wear stud earrings, made of precious or semi precious stones or pearls. The younger the woman, the smaller the stud.

Occasionally you’ll see a small necklace, but usually either the pair of earrings or necklace is worn by itself or both if they are small.

Diamonds are only worn at night, with the exception of an engagement ring or wedding ring. The occasional diamond studs earrings are acceptable too (but not too large.)

Watches are only worn in the day and not in the evening. The evening is for socializing and relaxing, and one shouldn’t be wearing a watch – it is too stressful.

Diamonds on rings may be big or small. They are usually hand-me-downs, for instance their great grandmother’s ring. The significance of the jewelry is more important that the value of the ring itself. But don’t be mistaken, most finest jewelry of the world won’t be sold and can’t be bought at a price. They can only be inherited.

How This Apply To You

For many of us, we do not start collecting fine jewelry until we first get engaged. Our engagement ring is our first fine piece.

The key to building up your jewelry wardrobe is to start small and slow. Put away extra cash for a good piece. Learn how to identify good jewelry and hunt them down. You can get them at bargain prices. You’ll be amazed at how often Pedigree women don’t pay retail prices. They get them their everyday pieces at much less, through connections, word of mouth, secret places or by establishing a long term relationship with her jeweler.

Kelly Rutherford plays a’pedigree’ high society lady as Lily Van der Woodsen

Classy Hairstyle

Though this is not as strict as before, the traditional Pedigree classy hairstyle has differed very slightly over the years.

Pedigree women wear their hair around shoulder length, or slightly shorter or longer than shoulder length. They vary their hair style cuts only a little, such as having a blunt cut at the back, slight layers and the occasional bangs. They don’t have big perms, spiky hair or many layers.

Their look is usually pleasant and neat. It is neither manly or fashionable such as short boyish cuts or spiky hair. In styling their everyday hair, they keep stray hairs out of sight and hairs away of their face.

Their hairstyle would always give a ‘clear face’ look. This ‘clear face’ is signature of the Pedigree classy style. Hair falling down on their face or blocking one eye or getting in the way when they speak or eat is unacceptable. They have a neat and clear hairstyle so as to prevent having to touch or adjust their hair or their face in public. It is considered distracting and rude.

Their hair color is natural and unaltered, though these days it is more acceptable to change the natural color of your hair ONLY if it looks natural, and provided you maintain your roots religiously. This usually means your artificial color should not be more than a couple tones lighter or darker than your real color. Most pedigree women keep their real hair color a secret, if they choose to wear it a different color. And they usually wear it for life. They don’t change hair colors just because they are bored. Period.

According to occasion, they may tie it in a low pony tail, curl their hair or wear their hair up. They will tie it in a mid level pony tail only when they are playing sports, such as golf or tennis.

They vary their hairstyles with the same few styles. A loose but neat chignon for day time, a preppy hairband, a low pony tail, a blown out style or a casual hair day.

They will get their hair professionally done for special events.

The OC

Autumn Reeser (left) plays a Pedigree girl in the Television Series, The O.C.

Classy Make up

Elegant make up is taught by her mother. Like clothes and jewelry, there are distinct daytime looks and evening looks.

Like clothing, make up distinguishes her social class from others.

General Principles

Here are some principles of Pedigree kind of make up

Flawless – blemishes are concealed at all time. She invests in good skincare so this is not an issue. If it is, she will get it fixed. If she has an even complexion, she uses light power or sunscreen instead of foundation.

Natural look – whether or not she is wearing heavy make up, you’ll never know. She works hard to make her look natural. She doesn’t want you to be thinking or noticing her make up when you meet with her.

Eyeliner or Eye shadow – Usually not both, unless it is a dressy event at the evening. If so, she gets a make up professional to do her make up (and hair).

Mascara always – She focuses on natural. If she has a lack of eye lashes, she’ll wear natural looking extensions of eye lashes to ‘look more like herself’.

Lipstick is preferred over lip gloss, which can look like it’s too much. Sheer lip balms are also a favorite.

Focus on one area – If she chooses to emphasize the eyes with a bit more drama in make up, she will go easy on the blush, bronzer or lipstick. Vice versa.

They avoid loud colors like bright blues and pinks in all make up. That just screams working girl

Check out our elegant make up course to learn how to put on make up if you aren’t familiar with using make up.

Elegant Nails

The Pedigree woman usually gets her nails done weekly at a nail salon.

They are kept fairly short, and only in three styles. Completely clear, classic red or french manicure and pedicure.

The red is often match to their favorite red lipstick color. You’ll often find the same red in their clothes, shoes and bags (if they are red).


Like everything else, the classy style is…classic.

The Pedigree woman has a few basic styles of shoes and you’ll see her wearing the same ones over.

They will not be too high and are usually closed toes, like the classic pump.

For day time, they usually wear a neutral low heel pump that is a bit more casual than the classic black pump.

In the summer, a good leather pair of sandals is worn.

What to remember about the classy style of shoes

  • Usually closed toe (i.e. your foot is covered).
  • Low to medium heels
  • Sandals only worn in the summer
  • Good quality shoe, the finest, the best
  • Extremely high heels are avoided because they break the elegant posture.
  • A few good pair of shoes to mix and match.
  • For their favorite outfits, they sometimes have their shoes handmade to match their outfits or their bags.

Usually small and compact.

They regularly upkeep their bag and do not let their junk accumulate.

General principle to remember about bags: the smaller the bag, the more elegant and formal. The larger the bag, the more casual and less elegant.

They are disciplined to keep only what they need in their purse. They are not your typical ‘just in case’ folks. I’m not sure why.

Again, they choose their handbag carefully. Fine and long lasting, matching to their clothes, can be used often.

And it has to cannot look flamboyant and showy.

The minimum styles of bags that they have is:

  1. One summer bag – made of straw or a less structure material for warm casual days or the beach or thr country.
  2. One evening bag for dressy evenings
  3. One everyday city bag.

Lesson Recap

1. Classy and Elegant Jewelry – small, precious, simple. Watches are worn in the day and diamonds are worn in the evening. Pearls make good day looks.

2. Classy hairstyle shows the face clearly. It is neither too long or short. It is natural looking, neat and clean. It is not distracting.

3. Classy make up is flawless and natural looking. Some colours are never used ever.

4. Classy Shoes are your classic pumps. They are medium to low heel and made of fine quality. Cheap shoes ruin the classy look. Extremely high heels are never worn because they break the elegant posture.

5. There are three basic bag styles and those are all you need. Less is more.

Tutorials: Lesson Exercises

Jewelry Exercise

Pick out a few pieces of classy jewelry from your wardrobe. Set them aside in a separate box. Now use them everyday.

At the same time, print out or cut out from magazines a few pieces of elegant jewelry that you are now lacking. Stick them into a folder and this becomes your visual shopping list. Collect pictures of elegant women wearing similar pieces of jewelry. This will give you an idea on how to wear them in a classy way.

You can accumulate good jewelry over time. Otherwise, take time to collect very good quality costume jewelry.

Take a gemstone class. This will teach you how to identify and source good quality stones as well as teach you how to pick and find a good jeweler to make classic pieces for you. They are more affordable than you think!

Classy Hairstyle Exercise

Learn how to do a classic french twist and chignon.

Do a self analysis

Check your hair color. Is it too unnatural?

Is your hairstyle covering your face? Neat? Messy? Too many layers? Too spiky? Aim for a classic hairstyle as described above.

Elegant Make up Exercise

Collect looks of elegant women in magazines, especially the ones up close.

Try imitating the looks. If you have a friend who is good at makeup, ask her to show you how to do the same look based on the pictures you’ve collected.

Check out our make up videos or Pedigree Make up courses.

Elegant Shoes and Bags

Throw out cheap looking bags and shoes.

Do a wardrobe edit for bags and shoes.

Slowly accumulate good ones, a couple is all you need.

Next Lesson

We will focus on speech, elegant conversations, accent and manner of talking.

Thank you for reading ‘A Classy Appearance’!

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