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    elegant parties a coffee

    Elegant Parties – A Coffee Elegant Parties – ‘A Coffee’ & Coffee Parties. Learn what ‘a Coffee’ is, its unspoken dress code and how to throw a coffee party yourself. Adapted…

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    Wardrobe Essentials

    How to do more with less Elegant Woman’s Wardrobe Essential Skills – Guide to building an elegant wardrobe that works. Wondering ‘how do I build a wardrobe’? You may view this…

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    video tutorials

    ARCHIVED PAGE – this is an old page. If you landed here, please email mail@elegantwoman.org for more information. Learn how to be elegant by watching these videos! Elegant Hairstyles Tutorial How…

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    to do

    Who is the Elegant Woman? Join Elegantwoman’s Community Periodic Elegant Letters Subscription I’ll write you emails? Yes! Just to say hello sometimes and ask ‘how are you?’! Keep in touch and…