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Elegant Concepts

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    Elegant Concepts

    Who is the Elegant Woman?

    ‘How to be elegant?’ is a question I’ve asked myself on different occasions. It could be when I’m deciding what to wear, or thinking about how to make a difficult but…

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    Case Studies

    Model Kate Middleton as an Elegant Woman

    Our Model Kate Middleton – Reproduced and adapted from my monthly newsletter – “Elegant Letters Issue 16”. Sign up here. It was about how the newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge is…

  • the importance of refinement
    Elegant Concepts

    The Importance of Refinement

    Refinement – Manners, Courtesy and Gentility. There are some people who feel that these qualities are not terribly important. Why is Refinement and elegance important? Article adapted from Chapter 11 on…

  • Understated, Clean, Simple, Two Colours, Pearls And Elegance
    Elegant Concepts

    Elegant Myths

    False Notions of Elegance The Reason for Elegant Myths Article Every now and then, I notice certain misconceptions of elegance and of being an elegant woman. So therefore, I decided to…