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    Best Mother’s Day Gifts

    a mother's words

    I’ve thought long and hard about the Best Mother’s Day gifts. Though some people might feel ‘Mother’s Day’ is too commercial, I’m still grateful somebody decided to devote a day out of the 365 days to commemorate mothers. I’ve always been a Mummy’s girl. I enjoyed picking out presents for my mother over the years. Some years when I was busy, I simply sent flowers. Sometimes I wrote a card. And worse, other times I made a phone call. I’ve…

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  • the-power-of-practice

    The Power of Practice

    Have you ever had moments where you wished to be like someone, perhaps there are some things in your life you wish you could do? Well, I’ve had plenty of those. Let’s…

  • Inspiration

    What Are Your Elegant Inspirations?

    What are your elegant inspirations? Inspiration is vital to elegance. When we pay attention to the little things and beauty around us, it inspires us towards elegance. Counting our daily blessings…

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    Elegant Aspirations What Are Yours?

    Here is my elegant aspirations. What is your elegant goal? Do you have something that you’re working towards to? It could be to have better posture, a refined manner of eating,…

  • Inspiration

    Elegant Women

    I’m a thousand times more inspired by elegant women than the beauty of beautiful things (though they are very lovely). I like to archive biographies and pictures of women who inspire…