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  • Appearance

    10 Tips for Fresh Breath

    How not to rely on Fresh breath drops Save money on fresh breath drops! 10 tips for fresh breath. Tips you can start using today to keep your breath fresh and…

  • Ip Man
    Elegant Character Inspiration

    The Fine Gentlemen

    Though my focus is on women, I write this because I have a dream of marrying a gentleman, as well as raising my boys to be absolute gentlemen. A respectable gentlemanly…

  • Manners & Etiquette

    Gift Etiquette

    Elegantwoman.org’s Gift Etiquette page – a complete guide to gift giving etiquette for proper gift giving. Why Is Gift Etiquette Important There is an art to gift giving. Giving gifts is…

  • children socializing
    Manners & Etiquette

    Good Manners For Children

    This page is about good manners for children. Teaching manners to children? Here is a list of good manners children should learn at a young age. Good manners for children can…

  • Manners & Etiquette

    Graduation Gift Etiquette

    Looking for: graduation gift etiquette, monetary gift etiquette for graduation, etiquette guide graduation gift ideas, cash graduation gift etiquette? If Attending the Graduation Ceremony If you are attending the ceremony or…

  • guide to a basic wardrobe

    Guide to A Basic Wardrobe

    Step Three – Wardrobe Refashioning Analysis The Elegant Woman’s Guide to A Basic Wardrobe. Wardrobe Refashioning Essentials – How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe That Works. If you have just joined…