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    Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette

    Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette: What is the proper way to send a wedding gift? Read more about wedding gift giving etiquette. Please note that this is only referred to in…

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    Become A Savvy “Socialite”

    How to be a savvy socialite is a continuation of How To Become A Socialite. Continue reading for more about a socialite’s life. If you were fortunately enough to be born…

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    Rules of Etiquette

    A Lady’s Etiquette What is it all about? rules of etiquette, etiquette questions, social etiquette, etiquette, etiquette tips, manners for women Why is Etiquette Important? Although elegantwoman.org focuses on elegant living…

  • Queen Elizabeth visiting

    Royal Etiquette

    Planning to have tea with the Queen? Here are some Royal Etiquette that you must know. Referenced from Huma Khan from ABC news Rachel Kelly, a public relations executive at VisitBritain,…

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    The Importance of Refinement

    Refinement- qualities of manners, courtesy and gentility. There are some people who feel that these qualities are not terribly important. Why is Refinement important? Article adapted from Chapter 11 on All…