Become A Savvy “Socialite”

How to be a savvy socialite is a continuation of How To Become A Socialite. Continue reading for more about a socialite’s life.

If you were fortunately enough to be born into a prestigious family, it is much easier to become a socialite. Are you here because you do not have the social know-hows? Do you feel ignored? Would you like be more engaged in society?

Prominence is what you need right now. Have a read of social confidence.

Acquiring Class

For the rest of us, we can still be classy and elegant as long as we have similar traits of elegance and class. See How to be Classy for more details.

Acquiring these characteristics of “Class” is akin of gaining the prominence, education, know-hows of becoming a savvy socialite.

To jump-start your desires to be featured in media and society pages, here are some helpful steps:

Be the best in what you do.

Specialize in something. If you are a glass-blowing craftsperson, be the best glass-blowing craftsperson in town. If you bake chocolate cakes for a living, be the world-class best chocolate cake baker in town. Strive to be the best, and get some press while you are at it.

Marry someone famous.

He need not be an actor, but famous perhaps in the medical field, or in the oil industry. Most people think they should marry someone wealthy to become a socialite, but the wealthy is too broad. If you want to become a socialite, the quickest way is the above. I’m only hereby, humbling stating my observations and by no means guaranteeing anyone’s success or implications by doing so.

Become famous yourself.

People are more accepting when you have some sort of title or glamour bestowed upon by the media.

Find a socialite best friend.

That is almost the easiest way to start a socialite’s life. You can go along with her to parties. Some people have charmed their way through close doors and VIP by-invite only parties by this method.

How To Become a Savvy Socialite

After You Get Yourself In

Viola! You are in. You should congratulate yourself.

How do you have staying power? How do you lead a socialite’s life?

Attend the parties and other related social events. Do your part for charity. Research a worthy cause and become passionate about it.

Make friends casually but do not be desperate! The born-socialites can sniff you out in seconds! Do not step over your boundaries.

Remain humble, be the best person of character and integrity.

And I mean this with all my heart. It is extremely vulgar to want to be a socialite just to party, show off, brag, look glamourous. Just as every other sensible person on this planet who tend to lean towards people who are respectable with good character and integrity, the people worth knowing are the same.

Be attuned with the finer things in life, but do not be materialistic.

The finest people of their class have a sense of possession of themselves and a higher regard for feelings, time, effort and life which they consider worth much more than labels, materials and money.

Continue self developing, build character, take an interest in things around you. Travel. Expand your horizons.

This is how one becomes sophisticated.

Have good values. Value marriage, integrity, honesty, faith, good character etc. The people worth knowing have them.

Learn the art of conversation.

Socialize with ease. Learn to entertain elegantly. Give back, throw a function yourself instead of going, going, going and taking, taking, taking. This is a very subtle principle of ‘repaying your social debt’.

Start your own charity. Or become very involved in your chosen charity.

How To Become a Savvy Socialite

Last Words

In short, keep growing, pushing yourself to be better, keep expanding your horizons.

Become the best in what you do. Remain humble and build character and have integrity. Pursue meaningful pursuits. Become a leader in life, generous to all around you. Learn about people, understand them and celebrate the differences. Appreciate these differences and culture.

I hope by this time you can see the benefits of personal growth, pushing our self-limiting barriers as one learns “to become a socialite”, a savvy socialite in fact!

Much love! Eunice.

Thank you for reading ‘How to Become a Savvy Socialite’!

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