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    Wardrobe Refashioning – Essentials

    How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe that Works Wardrobe Refashioning Essentials – How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe That Works. The Elegant Woman’s Guide to A Basic Wardrobe. If you have…

  • Victorian lady with beautiful comb

    Victorian Etiquette

    Interested in what Victorian etiquette used to be? In Victorian times, having manners and etiquette were as important as being educated. A person’s etiquette and manners were associated with their status…

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    An Insight From A Male’s Perspective

    Buy at AllPosters.com I thought it is important to include an insight from the men themselves. They are very different to us. I’ve also included from personal experience, interviews from my…

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    How To Travel Elegantly

    Buy at AllPosters.com Travel Clothes If you travel a lot, it is important that you identify some clothes that you can single out as “very travel-worthy’. These clothes are usually light,…

  • elegant mother audrey hepburn

    Tips On Elegance

    Quick And Easy Ways To Become Elegant Start With Your Heart Elegance starts with the heart. It shows in your eyes, your face, your smile. It is present in your speech.…