How To Travel Elegantly

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Travel Clothes

If you travel a lot, it is important that you identify some clothes that you can single out as “very travel-worthy’. These clothes are usually light, need no ironing. It also needs to be versatile where you can dress it up or down for day or evening, casual or cocktail. They need to match the most classic shoes as well as you can mix and mix with accessories and scarves. Clothes that do very well with layering works excellent too.

Obviously they have be comfortable as you will be hardly sitting around when you are traveling.


I love luggages! It is probably because of what they represent!

I do realize those bags are getting cheaper. You can find really good bargains at lower-priced stores such as Walmart, target and sometimes at those asian bargain stores.

Though before you go buying a very cheap luggage, you might want to consider a few things:

  • How often you travel
  • Where do you travel
  • How much do you need or pack
  • Will you have to travel by car/train when you get to your destination
  • to make a one-time effort to coordinate your bags with each other
  • to make an effort to choose the luggage based on your usual travel outfit
  • How Often You Travel

    If you make many short trips – invest in a good small to medium sized trolley bag. To go even further, get the cabin size one and train yourself to survive with less. That way, you never have to wait for long lines and you can jet in and out much quicker.

    If you do many long haul flights, evidently the larger one makes more sense. At this point, wheels that turn all around might be more important as you probably will have to do more lugging around of possessions more often.

    Where you travel

    In very big cities, you can be sure of trolleys, convenient bus or train or taxi stands for you to hop right into the minute you step out of the airport.

    However, despite trolleys, some airports require you to take all your bags out and check in again at the counter of your transfer. It is a mad hassle. Unless you frequently go to a place where you are familiar, you have a wider liberty of luggage choice and compromise on the convenience of it.

    To be safe, choose the lightest, most durable, wheels that turn all around, one that matches your personality and outfit and personalize your signature on it so that you can spot it a mile away.

    Search for elegant travel!

    What Does Your Luggage Say About You?

    It has been rumored that the kind of luggage that you bear reveals more about your social situation than what you are wearing at the airport.

    While you shouldn’t be embarrassed of any social situation, it will be very nice to simply choose the best with whatever budget you have – wearing ourselves with pride and dignity.

    I say this because many times I’ve bought something less-than-par and I find myself embarrassed to use the thing because it could be ugly, or cheap looking and I bought it because yes, it was cheap and I needed something just quickly at that point in time.

    Matching your bags altogether

    It does not matter if your bags are bought from different places. It is quite elegant to see a kind of coherence in your outfit. Thus, some reasonable effort should be made do match making in accordance to your outfit as well.

    Color of the bag?

    It depends on personality. I’ve seen some people do well with green bags or orange brown bags and can look very elegant.

    If it is patterned, best to keep it all the same or at least have the same base color.

    If in doubt – get it all black in one solid color. Make sure you have a different colored tag though!

    I’ve personally chosen red but most recently decided on chocolate brown. I chose red before because it was a bright and not-too-common color. Chocolate brown is my favorite color and it goes with my favorite duffel that travels with me everywhere I go.

    In fact, I recently replaced bags. My old red luggage is worn out and the handles came off. I had a matching set of two, usually one for the shoes and bags, and the other for everything else. The big one wore off first because I used it for everything. When I travel to unknown countries, when there is no one to greet me at the airport, I tend to simply bring the big red one and a duffel bag, that way I can move around quickly without a trolley.

    My new bag has wheels that turn all around. It makes things easier! Chocolate brown almost goes with every outfit that I own and it definitely goes with my duffel bag!

    Since I’ve always matched my travel bags together, such as my duffel bag to the luggage, I now always attempt to try to:

  • Pick an outfit that goes with my luggage
  • Pick a handbag or purse that goes with my outfit
  • The insides of a bag

    The way you pack your bag reveals a little of your character and habits. While I’m not for packing everything in little rolled buns or have airtight zip-locks, there are certain standards of packing.

    Usually I try to pack fast, and I’ve honed my skills to do without a list. I highly recommend making a list – it saves you time.

    Packing lightly and quickly

    Packing is never fun, unless you revel in it. So this is how I can pack my case a day before I travel.

    I put aside items that are travel-specific – like my travel case which contains my toothbrush, facial wash and other essentials. As my daily make up basket contains the simplest day and evening make up, I simply empty its contents into my cosmetic case. I have a bag that is specific for wires, chargers and cables and I also have a multi-country adapter so I never have to worry how to use my electronic goods.

    The shoes go into specific shoe bags, and if I have very specific events, I carry clothes into outfits and place them into large zip-locks – one outfit per ziplock, including the inner-garments. That way I know exactly how many outfits I have. It is smart to know which ones to pick such that you can also criss-cross the items to get more use out of it.

    I also carry an empty laundry bag.

    If I don’t have time, I wear pearl earrings and a silver bracelet with two rings and those are the jewelry I wear throughout the trip.

    When packing, place all heavy things at the bottom, then the lighter ones above. I prefer to keep my expensive shoes in a box and bags in a dust cover and in a separate luggage. Otherwise, I try to cushion it by wrapping my clothes around it to soften impact.

    By packing this way, you keep your clothes and shoes clean, as well as make up, facial products away from each other should their bottles pop – will not make a mess.

    The feminine toilet case

    The most beautiful and elegant one (and the ones that make the most sense) are those that can sit by itself and opens from the top. It can contain everything pretty much like a basket. It is much better than those with a hook for you to dangle off the door, which can be cumbersome, or those that lay flat which may take up space as it has to be quite big to fit everything in.

    Travel Tips

  • Pack solid neutral colors for clothes
  • Pack more tops than bottoms
  • Try to determine the activity on your trip to pack accordingly

    Inspiration for Travel!

    ‘Ease among many cultures is the trademark of this class layer. The credo of sophisticated travelers is that your home is wherever you are.’

    This means you can easily adapt to the customs of the land you are visiting, without comparing them negatively to the way you do things “back home”

    If you are in university, try to get an exchange program. After university, try to take a few years off ‘serious career’ work and do a year of work and travel. If you are single and under 35, attempt to get work overseas. This way you can attain that ease among travel as you will meet many people across the cultures.

    Make travel a priority in your budgeting.

    To develop the travel layer of class, your first foreign trips should be to the “classics”-London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Venice, Rome and Amsterdam, New York City!

    What’s important is experiencing new cultures, meeting people from those area, acquiring knowledge about other places and feeling at ease with their food, learn a little bit of language or two to develop travel sophistication.


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