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Sophisticated Hairstyles

A gallery of sophisticated hairstyles. Videos included for How to Get Sophisticated Hair and to style your own elegant formal hairstyles.

sophisticated hairstyle

Sophisticated hairstyles don’t have to be complicated.

Having sophisticated hair is about making the effort to do your hair in a way that it looks effortless, yet very chic.

How do you achieve a sophisticated hair style?

Here are things you must do:

  1. You must go to a very good hairdresser. You must find the best hairdresser for your hair.

  2. Good doesn’t mean expensive, and expensive doesn’t mean good. If you know what I mean.

  3. To know what works for you, get your hair done regularly, or as often as you can. Take the opportunity to get your hair done when you have a special event.

  4. Brush and blow your hair as often as you can. Practice will make perfect, as you observe how your hairstylist does it and by watching sophisticated hair style videos.

What Makes a Hairstyle Elegant and Sophisticated?

A hairstyle is elegant and sophisticated if they can satisfy these principles.

  1. Clean
  2. In place
  3. Have no roots showing
  4. Natural looking color
  5. Frames your face
  6. Makes you notice the person, instead of the hairstyle

In other words, it has to have immaculate grooming.

Sophisticated Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

One of the best ways to sport different types of sophisticated hair styles is to have shoulder length hair.

You can wear it up, down, inside or brushing outwards.

Here are some visual examples.

Melissa Theuriau sophisticated hairstyle

To achieve this look, blow your hair inwards with a brush.

Here is another alternative sophisticated hair style below.

Melissa Theuriau sophisticated hairstyle
vedia@flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

You may blow it outwards, or do nothing at all, if you have a good cut. Add some highlights for some definition.

Melissa Theuriau sophisticated hairstyle
vedia@flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0