Sexy Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn hair

Do you think there is such a thing as a sexy Audrey Hepburn?

audrey hepburn hair

Audrey as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Copyright © Paramount Pictures.

I certainly struggled with that idea.

I mean sure, Audrey Hepburn was beautiful, elegant, classy but was she sexy?

There is this eternal struggle with women who want to be classy, elegant, yet sexy.

I hope I can offer some explanation for this.

Sexy Audrey Hepburn?

Can an elegant woman be sexy?

There is this certain myth that an classy, elegant woman is boring and cannot be sexy. That she is expected to be extremely conservative in her dressing and cannot show skin.

Explore Myths of Elegance

It is true that elegant dressing is usually modest. However, it does not mean you can not be subtly sexy and tasteful at the same time.

There is a difference with a subtle, refined kind-of-sexiness and a more vulgar, in your face, here-I-am-and-my-body type.

Dresses and clothes that highlight your curves give sexy suggestions. Covered up with a hint of what lies underneath is a form of “elegant sexy” too.

Blame the media, but usually men produce those ‘sexy women’ and they usually show a certain kind of image. That is what they “think that” they are attracted to. But look at who they marry.

Do they marry the ‘sexy’ types that you see in your head? The good men marry wives who they want to respect, look up to, someone they can place on a pedestal.

Sexy Audrey Hepburn?

Why do women want to be sexy?

As much as women don’t want to admit it, they all want to be sexy when they have a man in mind. They try to tease with the depths of their cleavage, the shortness of their skirt, the tightness of their clothes.

(Now all of these are not wrong as long as it is tastefully done. )

So was Audrey Hepburn sexy? Not in terms of how the media defines it.

Did men find her sexy?

Lots of men were in love with her. So she definitely was. No man would be in love and want to marry a girl who has no sex appeal to him (like his sister).

We just never got to see her in her intimate moments, or the Hollywood way of seduction.

She was certainly very affectionate by nature. (She who has ears let her hear!)

Sexy Audrey Hepburn?

Take Sexiness from Geishas

Don’t believe that you have to wear long sleeves, long skirts and button your collars up to the very top, in order to be elegant.

In Memoirs of a Geisha, the book writes about how geishas are trained.

Geishas are japanese hostesses trained to entertain men with conversation, dance and song.

Now even though they are fully covered in their kimonos, the author writes about how they flip their wrists when pouring tea to reveal milky skin.

That is an act trained to “tease men”. While I’m not advocating training ourselves to please a man, but it offers a new perspective of a more elegant sexiness.

Also, the back of their neck, where the collar is shaped stiff but somewhat left to hang, also reveals the beautiful skin beneath.

Those geishas are trained to ‘appear to be unconsciously’ revealing their wrists or the back of the neck, drawing attention to them subtly for a mere couple of seconds, teasing their clients.

Revealing less or choosing one part of your body to show a little more skin is a more tasteful way.

An admirer’s eyes are focused on one area. Choosing to be slightly more revealing in one area is better than looking like you are almost naked, leaving nothing to the imagination!

This is the same principle where it is not advised to apply heavy eye make up and have a strong lip colour as well.

In other words, if the skirt is a little short, have a more conservative top. If the top shows too much skin, tone it down by having long flowing curls.

The idea here is also about how you feel. Feeling sexy does not equate to showing lots of skin.

Thank you for reading “Sexy Audrey Hepburn” !

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