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Number One Trait of Being Classy


Sometimes in my work on elegantwoman.org or just about everywhere I go, I meet people who are tedious. Reading their superior emails makes me tired. Their backhanded comments are served on a silver platter masked by kindness.

I’m not interested in that kind of etiquette and society that is basically head knowledge filled with airs and pretension. You’ve missed the whole point of the knowledge of books, opera, wine, cheese, art if they are what you use to classify people. I don’t like the way a person is judged by their knowledge of books, opera, wine and art.

Also, these days with social media especially INSTA-STORIES becoming even more prominent and part of our everyday lives, we are being bombarded by the vulgarity of showing off, heavily curated lifestyle presentation and lots of pretension. I’m not sure why is it so important to show every shopping purchase, or every meal, or even your nails.

Ultimately, what do you think these images do? How will it effect the person’s feelings? Why are you saying what you’re saying?

People are people and their feelings matter.

That is more important than being sophisticated.

That is the ULTIMATE, number one characteristic of being classy.

My dear friends, do not let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. In your daily lives, there will always be someone who lets you know they are better than you (more sophisticated, intelligent, wealthy etc.)

Be inspired, not discouraged. Walk away with your head held high knowing you are a woman of value. You are on your own journey, becoming the woman YOU want to be, going after your own passion and dreams. And nobody can take that away from you.

Much love and always rooting for you, love, me.

P.s. I’m going to read a good book or listen to an encouraging message by my pastor to get rid of all the negativity and blah of the day

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  • Reply
    February 12, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    So true. I don’t understand mean girls at all or why at the age of fifty, I am still dealing with this phenomena from high school! Don’t women grow up and see that that was so stupid and petty? Didn’t they learn some values, morals, and all around gain some insight into common decency?
    One girl tells me I am so classy, yet when she owed me money and I asked for it she said I was not classy at all and then she proceeded to project herself on to me; call me names; and accuse me of things that were not true of me but were most certainly true of her. I held my head high, did not swear at her; call her names; or accuse her of anything other than ask for my money back (she was 3 weeks late in paying me). She accused me of being broke – that is why I needed the money (I wasn’t) but isn’t that funny coming from her because she couldn’t afford to pay me??!?? What nerve! Of course I did not point this out to her. I did give her some good advice. I explained to her that:
    You never ever want to burn bridges.
    You never accuse anyone of anything unless you have proof.
    You never assume to know someone else’s financial status or what they do in their spare time – it only makes you look stupid.

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    Charlotte A Sego
    February 15, 2018 at 9:15 am

    Thank you for the information. I love your insight and simplicity. Do you have a list of books you recommend,
    either past or current?

  • Reply
    Catherine Humberg
    October 30, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    What a lovely young lady your are !!! If all our girls would be LIKE YOU, the world would be a far more BEAUTIFUL place.

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