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Emily post etiquette on The Art of Conversation. Seek “Conversation topics” in a Miss Manners Advice style and the importance of manners in conversation. Based on a book on manners, Emily Post’s Etiquette


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We’ve covered what is a good conversationalist?, who are the worst types of people in conversation, don’t panic, stop and think, listen…(click above for a refresher!)

Thinking Before Speaking

Emily Post Etiquette is right when she says, nearly all the faults of the conversation are caused by a lack of consideration. See “How to be Lovely

Think about whether the person you are talking to is interested in your topic, at least pointedly. Would a person who does not know anything about classical music be interested in the latest schedule of the San Francisco Orchestra?

That can be said the same for newly engaged brides who talk all about their wedding in the presence of their single friends, or new parents who talk of their child as if no one else had ever born children.

Also, don’t speak in another language in the presence of others who do not speak your language.

Don’t speak in your professional lingo, because if I’m not a doctor, I wouldn’t appreciate anything you have to say in a conversation filled with medical terms.

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Do employ tact. Use, “It seems to me…” or “Maybe I’ve mis-read..” (especially when someone insists on a piece of information). When disagreeing, do so gently with lots of ‘disclaimers’ otherwise the opponent will think you are calling her a liar.

Try to change the subject the minute you feel it might escalate into an argument.

“I” is the smallest letter in the alphabet. Don’t make it the largest word in your vocabulary. – Dorothy Sarnoff.

Good: “What do you think?”
Bad: “I think…”

Pay Compliments!

Emily Post Etiquette Tips:

Pay compliments!

Be sincere, be light hearted when doing it, don’t go overboard or explain.

Keep it short and simple and it will brighten up someone’s day!

Responding to compliments:

For example, “That’s a beautiful dress!” Respond. “Thank you very much!”, “I’m so glad you like it.”

Don’t belittle and say, “Oh this is an inexpensive dress”, “Oh an old dress”, “Or really? I don’t think it really fits me”.

If you want to return the compliment, say “Oh yes, its so hard to find a pretty dress these days, where did you get your dress? I was admiring too.”

How to Tell A ‘Secret’

(Not by Emily Post Etiquette Manners)

group of women talking

Never tell anyone about a bra strap sticking out or a run in her stocking unless you are her close friend.

But if you see an unzipped skirt, a popped out button, a smudge of make up on nose or greens in her teeth, please tell her discretely.

However, if you see a man’s fly unzipped, do not tell him unless you are total strangers. Better to ask a male person tell him.

Taboo Conversation Topics

Emily Post Etiquette on Taboo Conversation Topics:

Conversations should not be about someone else, especially in a group, even in a group of close friends. I know it is impossible sometimes. By limit that conversation about that person to 30 seconds.

If they talked about the way they did about someone when they are not around, imagine what they would say about you when you are not there!

How To Stop A Person From Talking Bad About Someone You Know

Peggy Post quotes, “One of the kindest people I know, when faced with this situation, immediately halts the speaker by saying, “Goodness Barbara, Adriane always says such nice things about you!“, and then immediately change the topic.

No matter how strongly tempted you are to pass along a nasty comment or to join in a group talking unkindly about another, don’t do it. It doesn’t just defame the character of the other, it makes you look bad.

Thank you for reading ‘Emily Post Etiquette’!

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