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An assembly of your favorite and important articles of elegantwoman.org now compiled in a book! Includes new and expanded information with professional editing. (Prefer paperback? Buy here.)



To have it all at your fingertips: important and popular pages now made into a book!

If you enjoy reading the pages of www.elegantwoman.org, they are now available in this book, “The Elegant Woman.” In it, I put together the most important pages of elegantwoman.org that were written over the past five years, with the information collected over the past 15 years.

“The Elegant Woman” Book Description

Fashion may come and go, beauty may fade, but elegance is forever.

In an attempt to feel more comfortable in a more elegant crowd, I endeavored to find ways to assimilate. I didn’t think I could keep up by buying more Chanel bags, and thankfully I realized later that I didn’t have to! Elegance is so much more than beautiful things. I wanted to be like Audrey Hepburn, but I wondered how to translate old school manners and classic dressing into this modern world. I didn’t want to be like the women who looked stuck in the ’50s. This book was based on my journey about learning to be elegant without losing myself and becoming someone I’m not.

I’ve since realized that there is more to being elegant than becoming the stereotypical “elegant woman.” You can wear your own version of elegance as long as the principles of elegance remain. You don’t even have to like pearls (although they are very tasteful). This book is written for all those who feel they need more ideas for a little more elegance, confidence, and beauty. Most of all, I hope they find encouragement that they too can live a beautiful life regardless of budget or circumstances.

This book is written for:

– people who prefer to have all their information in one place

– anyone who would like to be able to access the material easily for further study

– those who may think it is a great gift for a dear someone: a gift of something tangible instead of just providing a link

– those who want to ensure that they don’t miss out on any important information

– those who prefer reading a book rather than intermittently clicking through the website’s pages

– those who have been requesting this over the years

– those who like my site and would like to literally take the material away with them.

I also wrote this book so that I can present the material in a recommended reading flow. That way, it’ll ensure that the reader understands the fundamentals first.

Additional Details

500 pages (paperback)
259 pages (ebook A4 size)


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