Fascinating Womanhood E-course


This e-course is based on the teachings of the book, Fascinating Womanhood.


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This e-course is based on the teachings of the book, Fascinating Womanhood.
Disclaimer: The course is based on the interpretations of this website’s editor (eleganwtwoman.org) and is not in any way affiliated with the publisher or author of Fascinating Womanhood.

The objectives of this course are:

  • to strengthen the values of womanhood, especially in a family setting
  • to build and sustain a (new or mature) marriage
  • to inspire and become a fascinating woman
  • to provide a personalized course and be delivered in a way to maintain absolute privacy.

Some topics covered include (non-exhaustive):

Materials Needed:

This course requires the textbook.
You may borrow the text from the library or buy it here.

More information:

The course is based on readings and doing tutorials. You are encouraged to keep a journal to record your thoughts, notes (and responses).

The answers to tutorials will be available in the following lesson.

There is no correspondence, though you are encouraged to share your feedback via email.

Course duration: Recommended 6 weeks of daily readings, with weekly tutorials. After purchase, you will receive a login + password to access this course at https://finishingschool.elegantwoman.org/

Course fee: $35.00 USD

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This book was published in 1963 It contains a little old-school 1950s type of values.

Although I am a working woman, I feel it is necessary reading to understand the values and motivations, as well as to understand the differences and dynamics of marriages and other family relationships. I personally prefer to adopt the values then to do everything EXACTLY the way Helen Andelin (author) recommends. It has opened my eyes to many things, and lots of important lessons I haven’t read anywhere else. Thus, I decided to include this as part of the offering on elegantwoman.org


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