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Fascinating Womanhood Week Five

You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.Henry D. Thoreau

Readings for this week: Chapters 18 – 20,


Your Love Booklet

Have you been collecting love booklet stories? Making it a habit to journal my love entries helps me be more appreciative to my husband. I make it a point to do this every morning.
I actually have a private blog where only I can read it. Reviewing it once in a while makes me feel very blessed.

Email me (using the Assignment Submission Form below) some Love Booklet entries! I’ll love to hear them.

Assignment Five

Highlight the assignment part of the page, copy and paste it into a Word document or email.
Work through the answers.

When you are done, Copy and Paste it into the form below, then click SUBMIT.

P.s. Let me know if you run into any trouble with this. 🙂

Remember: When a man marries he doesn’t want just a companion, he wants a woman.

Part 1: Femininity

Four Areas of Your life To Be Feminine

Part 2: The Feminine Appearance

Analysis of Your Femininity

Which applies to you?

  1. I wear my hair in a feminine style
  2. I shampoo once a week or more
  3. My hair looks healthy. It has shine.
  4. My hair style is becoming to my face.
  5. I look in the mirror several times a day, to see if my hair needs fixing.
Make up
  1. I don’t need to wear makeup. I look good without it.
  2. I wear enough makeup to look my very best.
  3. I have learned to apply makeup with skill.
  4. I apply makeup each morning.
  5. I look in the mirror before my husband returns, to see if my makeup needs fixing.
  1. I don’t wear masculine type clothes
  2. I wear feminine dresses at home.
  3. I wear feminine dresses away from home.
  4. I wear pants only for sports, cleaning, and outings.
  5. My pants are all feminine.
  6. My shirts are all feminine.
  7. My suits are feminine.
  8. I don’t have many feminine clothes, but plan to buy or make them.
  9. I want to look feminine.
Shoes and Accessories
  1. My shoes look feminine.
  2. My purses look feminine.

To Achieve A Feminine Appearance, What should you work for>

Part 3: The Feminine Manner

Do a self-check in these areas:

  1. The Hands
  2. The Walk
  3. The Voice
  4. The Laugh
  5. Cooing and Purring
  6. Bewitching Languor
  7. Facial Expressions
  8. Conversation
  9. Refinement

Which ones are…

Feminine: ___________________________________________________

Unfeminine: _________________________________________________

Lack, or need to improve? ___________________________________

Do you make the following mistakes?

  1. Use your hands in a brusk, firm manner
  2. Walk with a heavy gait
  3. Walk with long strides
  4. Masculine tone in your voice
  5. Yell
  6. Whistle to get someone’s attention
  7. Laugh loudly
  8. Laugh with mouth wide open
  9. When you laugh, throw your head back
  10. Eat noisily
  11. Shake hands with an overly firm grasp
  12. Slap men on the back
  13. Stroke husband’s back in public
  14. Sit with legs apart
  15. Give pushy advice
  16. Demand your way
  17. Have unyielding opinions
  18. Critical in conversation
  19. Harsh facial expressions
  20. Frown frequently

The Feminine Nature

Characteristics of Feminine Nature

Feminine women depend on men to:

How do men feel in the presence of feminine, dependent women?

Characteristics of Capable Women:

How do men feel in the presence of capable women?

Self Check: When men are around do you ever..

  1. Give pushy advice
  2. insist on having things my way.
  3. Have unyielding opinions.
  4. Act stubborn
  5. If stuck with a masculine job, do it as well or better than men.
  6. Deliberately assume masculine jobs, and do them with manly efficiency.
  7. Appear to enjoy masculine work.
  8. Appear independent, able to make your own way in life, without masculine assistance.

Tenderness of Emotion

Women are inclined to have tender feelings for:

In which of the following situation are you inclined to feel tenderness of emotion?

  1. While watching a dramatic or tragic movie
  2. While reading a sad part in a novel
  3. While reading a touching poem
  4. While listening to a moving incident
  5. While reading or hearing a heart-rendering story.
  6. Other situations:
Remember: Don’t try to hide your tender feelings. To show them is part of your feminine nature.

How to acquire a feminine nature:

A man delights in protecting and sheltering a woman who needs his manly care and protection.

How to get rid of the man’s work

List all domestic work. Divide it into three categories:

Yours, His: Routine and His: Non-routine

  1. Yours: Household jobs which are clearly yours: Housecleaning, laundry, cooking, sewing etc.
  2. His Routine: Regular household jobs which are clearly his: Yard care, clean car, garage, etc.
  3. His: non-routine: Jobs are not part of his routine, jobs he might not notice –
    painting, fixing, repairing or jobs which must be done at the moment –
    opening tight lids, lifting, moving furniture.

How to Get Rid of Man’s Work

How To Get Rid of The Man’s Work

1. His: Routine:

Show him the list of what consider routine masculine jobs around the house: Ask him to please consider taking over this masculine work, so you won’t have to worry about it.

2. His: Non-routine:

Show him the list of masculine work he might not notice. Ask him how he would like to be informed of these jobs. Would he like to be reminded immediately, on Saturdays, or should you write them on a list? If he forgets, would he like to be reminded? Work out a real agreement. With jobs which must be done at the moment, such as opening tight jar lids or lifting in the groceries, tell him you will ask for help when the need arises, and will greatly appreciate his masculine assistance.

3. If he resists:

If he resists taking over jobs you have been doing, explain how you feel about it.

Tell him you feel unfeminine doing the rough, heavy work, or jobs which are not appropriate for the feminine sex.

Tell him you do not feel strong enough or capable enough, would like to be relieved of them.

Ask him if he please take over this work. Don’t accept his suggestion that you just “hire a gardener, carpenter, or get your sons to do it.”

Tell him it is up to him to do the hiring and bossing to see it’s done.

4. If he doesn’t do it:

If he won’t take over jobs he should be doing, or if he agrees to do the masculine work, then doesn’t do it, do the following:

5. Stop doing the work yourself

This is the bottom line. If he will not respond to a friendly discussion, take the next step. Stop doing the work yourself.
He may never take over the man’s work if you keep doing it yourself. Once you make up your mind to stop, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Don’t worry about it
  2. Don’t remind him to do it, unless he has asked you to
  3. Don’t make him feel ashamed for neglecting it.
  4. Try to understand why he neglects it. Heavy pressure or worry in his work?
  5. Gain some humility. Ask yourself if you have done all the woman’s work recently. Is the house always clean and tidy? Are meals on time? Are the children well-trained?
  6. Learn to live with it. Accept the consequences, the inconveniences. So do men. If you have the patience to wait, he will come to see that if the work is to get done, he will have to do it himself. This is exactly what you want him to see.

Try again:

After some time if he doesn’t take over the masculine work, ask yourself if you need to live Fascinating Womanhood better.
Then after you have made the necessary improvements in yourself, repeat these suggestions. Tell him how much it would mean to you, and to your happiness, for him to take over the man’s work around the house.

Amelia : Example of the Feminine Nature (From Vanity Fair, by William Thackery)

“Those who formed the small circle of Amelia’s acquaintances were quite angry with the enthusiasm with which the other sex
regarded her. For almost all men who came near loved her; though no doubt they would be at a loss to tell you why.
She was not brilliant, nor witty, nor wise overmuch, nor extraordinarily handsome. But wherever she went, she touched
and charmed everyone of the male sex as invariably as she awakened the scorn and incredulity of her own sisterhood.
I think is was her weakness which was her principle charm; a kind of sweet submission and softness which seemed to appeal to each man
she met for his sympathy and protection.”

Special Assignments

Special Assignments

Make or buy a scrapbook for pictures of feminine clothes. Cut pictures from magazines to create a style board for yourself, inspiring more a feminine dressing.

Make a very feminine house dress. Arrange your hair in a feminine style. Wear it for your family at least once this week. Include a feminine manner.

If you would like to get rid of a routine masculine job, approach your husband with something like this: “I feel unfeminine doing these things. Will you please take over this job for me?”

Find some reason to need his masculine assistance (moving furniture, lifting a heavy box, opening a tight jar lid). Ask him to do it and then say something like this:
“I’m certainly happy I have a man to do these things for me. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Observe his reaction and write loving things he says or does in your love booklet.

How To Submit Your Assignment

email all assignments to mail@elegantwoman.org

Congratulate yourself, this is the fifth week. I hope there has been some serious self-reflecting.

Thank you for reading this Fascinating Womanhood Week Five!

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