ways we try to change men

It is no secret that women everywhere, have a natural tendency to nuture and decorate everything in their hands. And
‘changing’ is a sub category of those natural tendencies.

Being elegant is about being thoughtful to others, and thinking about them rather then trying to force them
to suit ourselves.

First of all, trying to change men for his benefit must have come from the goodness of your heart. Therefore don’t feel
guilty if you identify with any of this.

It also does not mean that we should swallow our thoughts and not correct him when he could benefit with the change. It is all a matter of knowing
which battles to pick, and how to tread lightly, considering his pride. More lessons covered in the Fascinating Womanhood Course.

Ways We Try To Change Him

  • By letting him know his faults get on your nerves and are an imposition
  • By pointing out the harm in his faults and the advantages of improvements
  • By using other men as shining examples
  • By using yourself as an example
  • By telling him he needs to improve, to stay on the straight and narrow path.
  • My letting him know he is missing out on happiness by being like he is.
  • By letting him know he doesn’t measure up to what you deserve.
  • By reading passages from books, to motivate him to improve.
  • By suggesting he go on a self-improvement project to remake himself.

Ways We Take Away His Freedom

  • By demanding he do things your ways.
  • By making threats if he doesn’t
  • By physical force, such as standing in front of the door when he wants to go out.
  • By being cool if he won’t do things you way.
  • By dropping hints of what you expect
  • By urging him to do things your way.
  • By making him feel obligated to improve.

Disastrous Effects of Former

It creates discord in the relationship.

It makes him love you less.

He rebels and will do opposite of everything you requested.

It seldom works!

God Give Us Women

God give us women – Women of such mold
Preferring ever honor unto gold;
Women who wear their beauty as a flower,
Whose homey virtues are their richest dower.
Say you, “The age needs men!”
I say again, “God give us women
Lest we lack true men.”

Author unknown

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Eunice Comments: The story is used in my Fascinating Womanhood Course to illustrate ‘What Does Acceptance Mean? Accept Him At Face Value’ a quality of elegant wives.

Thank you for reading this ‘Ways We Try To Change Men’!

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