Traits of A Simply Sophisticated Lady

simply sophisticated women

Millionaire’s Confidence

A sophisticated lady has a millionaire’s confidence. What does that mean?

Have you ever met a millionaire that is not confident?

A millionaire’s confidence is very different from a confident somebody-else. They look like they’ve breathed in superior oxygen, they’ve got an expectation of the best in life, they tell you that ‘anything is possible’.

They love their possessions, their hair, their clothes. They’re always wanting to get better at everything they have done. Because they are constantly seeking growth and self improvement, they’ve naturally remained humble.

I like to believe that inside every person is a millionaire just waiting to be inspired. Maybe you are the one that can trigger the goal, by treating everyone as if they are a millionaire. – Ginie Sayles.

Elegant Facial Expression

A simply sophisticated lady has an elegant facial expression.

An interesting face is more attractive than a handsome or beautiful face.

How do you have an attractive face? By having an interested face. Then your face will carry a glow and your eyes will shine.

A bored face looks boring.

Happiness attracts. Get happy!

Do what makes you happy!

Pick something and get passionate about it.

Also see Elegant Gestures.

She is Comfortable With Luxury

simply sophisticated women

An elegant, sophisticated lady is comfortable with luxury.

Learn labels, food, music. More importantly develop a sense quality and learn to pick out the labels that carry the most quality for the best prices. Learn to appreciate the finer things in life, in food, music, in clothes amongst everything else. See also How to be Classy.

Develop a favorite ‘brand’ or ‘designer’ or ‘cuisine’ or type of ‘art’. Find out what you love about design, in furniture, in decoration, in clothes, in shoes, in paintings, in literature. It is amazing what you can appreciate by looking at our everyday things.

What is cheap in Ikea right now was luxury to developing countries a few decades ago. The supermarket brands of cosmetics and facial products are considered luxuries to our parents when they were our age.

A luxury product simply had more time, effort, research, money devoted to it to make it the best. So it is all relative. Position yourself to be the best, do not be afraid of it, enjoy and embrace luxury.

Tell yourself you are worth it.

Treat yourself first class.

You do not have to spend a lot of money. Start with one luxury item at a time, cut back on wasteful spending and channel them to your education.

Treat Yourself First Class

An elegant sophisticated lady treats herself first class. She is comfortable with herself and her imperfections.

Don’t beat yourself up over a mistake or not knowing something. This happens a lot in the beginning.

You’ll often feel that you don’t know a lot. You don’t know the labels, the restaurants, the history, the countries. You’ve never travelled to too many places and therefore you have asked what it seemed to be a stupid question.

Always be on your side if you make a mistake.

Say a brief “sorry my mistake” if you have to. But don’t apologize if its NOT anything to apologize for (for instance, say you did not know that Bangkok was a place in Thailand).

I love the quote “Show me a person who hasn’t made any mistakes and I’ll show you a person who hasn’t achieved very much.”

When others make mistakes, say, “Oh its nothing” and don’t worry about it. Extend your graciousness.

When Queen Elizabeth visit places they know nothing about. She doesn’t feel embarrassed or feel that they are less a person or confess to being stupid for not knowing it. They have learned that there is no way they can possibly know something they haven’t been exposed to. So they approach everything with a mild manner that expects to be told all about it. They inquire without the slightest embarrassment and respond with interest.

– Ginie Sayles

She Counters Intimidation

Another trait of an elegant sophisticated lady is that she counters intimidation.

Develop techniques that counter intimidation.

Learn to handle people who intimidate you with a kind of friendliness that keeps you in control.

Remember, in these situations, you don’t have to explain and don’t!

Never be rude, and if they become rude themselves or try to intimidate you, look at the person in the eye, smile and speak your mind gently but firmly. Be calm, hold your head up high and walk on.


To be an elegant, simply sophisticated lady, we start by change.

Change your appearance and change what you do with your time and your life with change. You are more in control than you think.” is a quote I will always remember.

Changing your image: Change as many things about yourself as you can.

Collect pictures of women who are elegant and sophisticated, create a beautiful scrapbook. Let the visuals imprint in your memory.

Watch videos of your favorite elegant women. Every time before a big event, or a party, watch a movie featuring a woman that inspires elegance in you.

Pursue education! Pursue education! Pursue education! (Enough said.)

You’ll be amazed at this practice which will help you develop a more discreet elegant taste. It’ll show up in what you wear, how you speak, walk, move, talk…You’ll develop a refined manner of handling others.

Change creates excitement and excitement has been shown to be the “chemistry of love”.

Not happy at where you are right now? Change your lifestyle. You’ll automatically project a new sense of excitement and can attract new things into your life.

And of course, changing your feather into a finer class includes learning basic good manners

Anytime your life feels stale, all you have to do is change your appearance in some way, change what you do with your time, and your life will change.

Remember, even Cinderella had to have a make over!

All the best, xoxo

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