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Do we have to invite a friend’s new girlfriend? 
We are getting married in six weeks. A couple we have known for several years recently went through a divorce and though things were amicable, he wanted …

Using Facebook to Request Addresses 

What is your opinion of requesting addresses for invitations via facebook? This has happened twice recently. Via his wall, my brother-in-law …

No Showbad – Bad Manners 
My kids and I flew to west palm beach for an elegant wedding. My sister also received an invitation for her 5- member family which she rsvcp 3 months …

Can a wedding couple dictate who an invited person may or may not bring along as their guest? 
Here is my problem: My nephew is getting married soon. My spouse and I are separated but talking…trying to work things out between us. My spouse was …

Other brides in the family… 
Hello Everyone

I am looking for some advice and opinions on an issue I have at the moment

Firstly, do you think its unreasonable if there are two …

uninviting a guest 
I had asked a “friend” (not close but had interacted with occasionally over the years) to make my wedding dress. AND invited her to the wedding so she …

We are an eblished couple. We each come in to our relationship with 2 of everything. We are getting married, but do not want to register for gifts. We …

Does the bride host the reception 
This is a question about guests.

My wedding was 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve had two friends complain; one complained that I didn’t introduce her …

Granddaughters’ weddings and the proper way for the biological grandmother and the ex’s wife’s roles.  
My twin granddaughters are both engaged and will marry in separate BIG & fancy ceremonies in the spring of 2011. The problem is ME and our family situation. …

Invited to Bridal Shower But Not Wedding 
I was invited to and attended a bridal shower.

While at the shower I asked when the wedding was and found out it was two weeks from the date of this …

No Thank You Card For Cheque Mailed? Is it Appropriate To Call And Ask? 
I was invited to a bridal shower which I did not attend. I did mail a card with a check in it. This was mailed in mid May. It is almost the end of July …

Bridal Shower 
I’m having a destination wedding with no guest. Is it still okay to have a bridal shower? Or what should I do?

How do I invite some people but not all? 
I am planning a small wedding (under 100 people) and would like to invite a couple but not all of the people from my office. It’s a small company with …

How Do I RSVP 
I just got an invitation to a work associate’s wedding and there is no request for an RSVP. It’s a very traditional Jewish wedding and I’m not familiar …

wedding gift registry 
We’re planning our wedding… 2nd time for both of us. We’re planning the wedding and reception at a sports venue. We live in a house that I own, so we …

My youngest son, 30, is getting married Aug. 28. My oldest son wants to get engaged asap. Can he propose before the Aug 28 wedding?

Taking the wedding centerpeices and decoration 
My fiancé and I are getting married in June this year. We are planning a beautiful evening under the stars in an enchanting garden. We will treat our guests …

Left out for main ceremony. Are gifts warranted ? 
In February, our niece married in a private ceremony that was only attended my her immediate family members. Aunts, uncles, grandparents were not invited. …

Wedding Invitation Wording when Lots of Moms are involved! 
I am getting married in July and have a pretty unique situation. I have my dad, my step mom, my biological mom and her girlfriend. My fiance has his …

Wedding gift registry announcements in invitations 
What is your opinion of printing registry info on a wedding shower invitation or inclosing a registry info card?

Tuxedo at a wedding 
Is it appropriate for a man to wear a Tuxedo to a wedding even though he’s not going to be in the Bridal party ?

Maid of Honor and Best Man situation 
My wife’s best friend is getting married in the next year and she has been selected as her Maid of Honor. They have known each other for years and are …

Gift cards for couples shower gift 
I am giving a couple’s shower for friends that live in a different state then me. The couple is flying in for the shower and I need to know if it is appropriate …

Save-the-date and wedding invitations 
When a “save the date” is sent out for a wedding and people send a reply stating they will not attend the wedding, should an invitation go out anyway? …

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The father of the groom has rotting teeth 
The father of the groom has rotted teeth, how can we approach the situation ???

Wedding present if reinstating vows 
Long story short….
Our son and daughter in-law were married 5 years ago and didn’t invite anyone to the wedding. They have decided to reinstate their …

Taking a date to a Wedding or Bridal Shower 
I am a 27 year old female and I still live at home with my parents. I am currently in a long distance relationship, he lives in California, and we’ve …

Donation to Charity instead of accepting Gifts at Wedding – How do I word this? 
Good Morning,
My fiancee and I are newly engaged and I’m so thrilled to have found my forever love. We’re planning on having the ceremony and reception …

Brotherly Love (or not)? How to make my son invite his sister to his wedding?  
My son is planning on getting married in 2 monthes, his wife to be, doesn’t care for his sister and has cut her out of all the plans, including and invite …

Invited to Bridal Shower But Not Wedding 
First time writing in for anything!

I was invited to a bridal shower but did not receive an invitation to the wedding.

A week before the wedding, …

Bought a Gift for Bridal Shower, do I need to bring another gift for the wedding? 
I attended a bridal shower where of course I took a gift. The wedding is today, do I take another gift, money or was the first gift appropriate?

I do not wish to attend the wedding for personal reasons, but my husband does. What should I do? 
A work friend of my husband’s is getting remarried. This is actually 2nd and 3rd marriages on both sides. One of the guests at the wedding reception …

Name change question Not rated yet
My maiden name is Ardoin, and my married name is Fontenot. I am divorced and have kept my married name since the divorce. I am now recently engaged and …

Double Engagement with father and daughter. Not rated yet
My Brother was planning to get engaged in 2 weeks. His grown daughter just recently got engaged is there a proper time spand before he pops the question …

Donations instead of wedding gifts? Not rated yet
My boss is getting married, he and bride requested
no presents, just a donation to a charity. Should I
purchase donation from charity and get a receipt …

Inviting boss to wedding Not rated yet
To start I am the boss who was not invited to the wedding. I have read that it is not required of people to invite the boss anymore to special occassions. …

Destination wedding gift? Not rated yet
Is it considered improper to not send a gift the the newly married couple when you have spent several hundred dollars to attend their destination wedding? …

my daughter’s third marriage Not rated yet
She has already invited our family and lots of friends to two nice and expensive weddings in the past-should the third wedding be very understated with …

Many Rounds Of wedding invitations Not rated yet
I received a wedding invitation a day after it was sent (on January 27th). The response card stated that a reply was requested before January 30th. Is …

To Register or Not To Register Not rated yet
I am 39 years old and have a partner who is 48 years old. We have been together for 14 years and are planning a committment ceremony this July. We are …

Wedding Save The Date and Invitation Not rated yet
We sent our an electronic (Evite) save the date for our destination wedding and have been sending out updates about things like the block of rooms, helpful …

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