An Japanese doll I found in Anime shops, I thought she is so beautiful.

I was fortunate enough to meet and live with a traditional Japanese family in Tokyo, who can speak a reasonable amount of good english. It is a family of highly educated professors of Science and Biology, so you can definitely count on a group of very interesting people.

Japanese women are definitely an elegant lot. It is winter here and despite the cold, the ladies get pretty dressed up in beautiful coats and boots. One thing I’ve noticed is that men and women are very distinct from each other.


In some countries, men and women dress alike. If you have a view of a crowd of people, you don’t see men and women distinctively. In Japan, you can see the difference.

I was taking the train back to my hotel in Osaka just a few hours ago and I noticed this group of people who stood out from the crowd because they were not as well-dressed as the typical Japanese. Instinctively, I remembered thinking, those people are not Japanese. Then I heard some loud expressions and accents, and immediately, I knew they were not Japanese but tourists for sure!

I would love to write more about Japan, but I need to get to bed (and do some more reading of Japanese culture). There’s so much to learn and I can definitely pick out a couple of lessons of elegance from their perspective.

Do you have a favourite elegant culture that you feel inspired by? If you don’t mind sharing, send me an email and I might feature you or your letter on! Otherwise, comment below for all of us here sitting here listening eagerly. 🙂

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