Class Distinctions

How to be Classy

Foundations of Being Classy

Being elegant is the foundation of being classy.

First, get all your ‘elegant basics’ like


As long as you have the foundations of manners, kindness, grace, strength and elegance, you can be classy and provocative.

You can be provocative for all the right reasons such as standing up for those who have no voice!

Now you are ready to learn how to acquire the stylishness and sophistication.

How to be Classy

Acquire the Knowledge

Haven’t we all heard the saying, knowledge is power?

So if you want to be “classy” (I don’t use that word at all but for the sake of this page) , you have to acquire the knowledge.

Ginie, in her book, likes to call them, ‘layers’, which are really knowledge and much more.

Of course, according to her, you’ll have to acquire certain friendships, memberships, most definitely money, education, etc but those are the FRUITS of knowledge. So if you get overwhelmed, don’t be.

Remember that being overwhelmed is because we all want to do it today, all at once.

I’d like to think that one learns to be classy by the act of refinement and that is through knowledge. So just think of yourself of gaining more knowledge as you go, and letting those knowledge shape you.

Basically, she says that as long as you develop these layers, you can be classy, without money.

She recommends to have at least 10 of these “layers”.


    • Layer one – Wealth
    • Layer two – Lineage
    • Layer three – Memberships
    • Layer four – Education
    • Layer five – Arts
    • Layer six – Social savvy
    • Layer seven – Political clout
    • Layer eight – Travel sophistication
    • Layer nine – Sports
    • Layer ten – Values
    • Layer eleven – Achievement
    • Layer twelve – Hobbies
    • Layer thirteen – Philanthropy
    • Layer fourteen – Manners and Self care

I would like to include another “layer” which is

  • Layer Fifteen – Having A good command of Language

Remember the story “My Fair Lady?” The basis of the story is sometimes you are imprisoned by the kind of language you speak. People subconsciously discriminate or include you by how you speak. Hence, it is very important!

In short, I’ve summarized the trimmest overview on how to be classy, but I cannot write about that topic in one page, so I’ll encourage you to browse through this site, watch some recommended movies and readings and all that.

Thank you for reading this page !

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