Fascinating Womanhood An Elegant Wife Remembers

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    1. The most basic principle in winning a man’s love is to make him feel like the man.


    1. Let him function as the guide, protector and provider.


    1. When you don’t agree, surrender your will to his.


    1. Need his masculine care and protection, or at least appear to need it.


    1. Don’t excel him in anything masculine.


    1. Remember the power of femininity. It is stronger than the greatest persuasion.


    1. Your happiness lies largely in your feminine role, as an ideal wife, mother, and homemaker.


    1. When you begin to live F.W., there is not turning back. Once he tastes the sweet, he won’t be content with the old you again.


    1. If you backslide, count it as normal. Take courage and make another effort.


    1. Remember, you hold the keys to your own happiness in marriage.


    1. It takes considerable self-discipline to live F.W. So be prepared to bite your tongue to keep from saying the wrong things, and exert yourself to do the right things.


    1. Forget about your husband’s faults, past mistakes, blunders, lacks and failures.


    1. In Fascinating Womanhood, you focus on his better side


    1. Fascinating Womanhood is not just about book learning. It is a way of living, a way of thinking, a way of saying and doing things to bring improvements to marriage.


    1. The two most common causes of marriage problems are selfishness and a failure to live your role.


    1. A key to success is to learn to give, without thought of return. Don’t give just 50%, give 100%


    1. Resentments: To have a successful marriage, rid yourself of a resentful attitude towards your husbandAsk yourself the following questions:
      1. Is my resentment caused by his failure to fulfill some of his responsibilities? Remember, his responsibilities are his worries.
      2. Am I upset because of his personal faults? If so, you are not accepting him at face value.
      3. Has he mistreated me? Has he been unfair or sharp? If so, childlikeness is the answer.


    1. Remember, let him act himself and you learn to react.


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