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Further Information on Fascinating womanhood course overview. Objectives of fascinating womanhood tools are further expanded. An introduction of Fascinating Womanhood Online Classes.

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Why is this course important for elegance:

A peaceful home-life and an understanding of yourself and your marriage life will increase the elegance in your life.

What is the course about:

This is a class that is designed to help women become excellent in all that they do. To build good relationships with their husbands and with themselves. We learn how to enhance our femininity and create joy all around us.

Objectives of the Course

1. A Guide to A Happy Marriage

Fascinating Womanhood is a guide to a happy marriage, one filled with love, tenderness and devotion. you will learn how to attain the kind of marriage every woman dreams about, something above, and beyond what most of you are now experiencing. you will feel not only loved, but cherished, honored and adored.

2. Strengthens the Home

Fascinating Womanhood will strengthen the home. It will help you bring peace, harmony and love into your household, and put an end to contention. The principles taught will direct affect the home environment, making women happier, men happier and children happier. When the marriage is happy, the family has a secure base upon which to build a happy family life.

3. Provides Role Model

Fascinating Womanhood will provide you with a role model to pattern from. It will teach you how to become the ideal woman, from a man’s point of view, the kind of woman every man dreams about. Most men hold in their minds and hearts a vision of their dream girl. When they get married they can become greatly disillusioned to find their wife doesn’t measure up to this ideal. F.W. gives a clear picture of a man’s ideal woman and how you can attain the qualities men so appreciate, so adore and cherish in women.

4. Helps You Enjoy Your Feminine Role

Fascinating Womanhood will teach you how to enjoy your role as the wife, mother and homemaker.

There is no need to experience boredom within your four walls.

The feminine role is exciting, deeply satisfying, and a source of real fulfillment. You will find the satisfaction you need in living the role God designed for you as the understanding wife, the devoted mother, and the successful homemaker.

Fascinating Womanhood Course
Marriage in Society Today

Only an estimated one out of thirty is a truly happy marriage. The rest range from comparatively happy to miserable and over 50% end in divorce. Because of this children are troubled, homes are in turmoil and society inherits its problems. Young women are growing up without role models. They are confused as to just what kind of women they should become. There is no path to follow – no promise of happiness.

Fascinating Womanhood Course
Three Essential Ingredients To a Happy Marriage

1. Love of Husband

If you are to be happy in marriage, you must feel that your husband truly loves you. His love is essential to your happiness and security. F.W. will teach you how to awaken his love and tenderness.

2. Self-dignity

A source of pain in marriage is when your husband mistreats you, neglects you or is unfair or harsh with you. The important thing is not so much what he does, as how you react. Do you shrink back as if struck by a lash? Do you retreat into your shell? Or, do you respond with a few cutting words. F.W. will teach you how to respond with self-dignity, so you won’t feel trampled on. It will lessen the pain, turn a tense situation into a light-hearted one and strengthen your marriage.

3. Heartfelt Desire


Fascinating Womanhood Course
You Hold The Key

If you are to be happy in marriage your desires must be considered. There may be something you want to have, someplace you want to go, to do, or have done for you. I am not suggesting selfish whims, but just desires – things you are deserving of. Your happiness is not complete if you must go without causing a marital stir. It will teach you how to cause him to want to do these things for you.

You hold the keys to your own happiness in marriage.

By applying the teachings of F.W. you can awaken the love of your husband, preserve your self-dignity, and gain your heartfelt desires.

You can make it happen. it is in your hands. This is not to imply that you are to blame for all of the problems, but you have the power to turn your marriage around and make it all you want it to be.

This is the miracle of Fascinating Womanhood.

What Fascinating Womanhood Course Will Do For You

What you give up: Resentments, bitterness, tension, frustrations, unnecessary worry

What you gain: Husband’s love, tenderness, devotion, romantic love. You become a happier person. You become a better person, a better mother, a better citizen. Possible improvement in health, physically and mentally. Happier home and family life. Husband is happier. Children are happier.

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    Ahuurra Joanita
    July 1, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Hello there,
    I am reading the book and enjoying it. I have applied the 3steps and they are working for me. I am in Uganda. Is there away of having the classes here? Maybe materials or maybe a training?

  • Reply
    November 7, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Hi there,

    Is this course available in South Africa? If so – please can you send me details to contact

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      February 2, 2019 at 10:42 am

      It is an online course. PLease go to finishingschool.elegantwomam.org

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