Elegant Women

I’m a thousand times more inspired by elegant women than the beauty of beautiful things (though they are very lovely).

I like to archive biographies and pictures of women who inspire me.
This is a (sort-of) visualization exercise. (Visualization: Putting before my eyes and in my mind of what I love so I will become.)

I am continually inspired by how they lived magnificently through the tumbles and rumbles of life.
They are role models in the way they carry themselves and have
(elegant carriage), speak,
what they say, how they say it and dress etc.

They have all the qualities needed for refinement.

Please note that these featured women serve to give us encouragement, ideas and inspirations, whether they are fictional characters
or not. They are not meant to be put on a pedestal as they are, like us, imperfect.

Audrey Hepburn

My elegant Woman inspiration is Audrey Hepburn.

I wrote about her in How to Have Elegant Self Confidence. A large part of my study about achieving elegance was devoted to studying her. I love what she says about life. Read the Biography of Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn: A Life in Pictures

She also has the most impeccable style. I devoted an entire section talking about her elegant hairstyle!

Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, now won’t you reveal your fabulous secrets of grace and poise and teach us how to grow old as wonderfully as you have? – unknown.

Read ‘The Essence Of Elegance By Studying Audrey Hepburn

Natalie Portman

I’m just really inspired by her. She is an intelligent beauty and down to earth. Enough said. 🙂

Kate Middleton

Read more about the Duchess of Cambridge in Kate Middleton’s Biography.

See how she is a role model (Kate Middleton).

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: The First Lady in Photographs

A constant source of inspiration in the way she speaks, her values, the way she raise her children.

She is an elegant wife and mother.

Michelle Obama and daughters dressed up on stage

Elegant woman Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush

I shared one of my favorite examples of her elegant and fine behavior in the article, “Elegant Sophisticated Bearing“.

Linda Porter

Played by Ashley Judd from the movie De-Lovely: The Cole Porter Story

This movie is based on the true story of Cole Porter. Linda Porter is the wife of Cole Porter, musician, songwriter and galavanting socialite. She is also known as Linda Lee Thomas. A noted beauty in her youth and a descendant of the Lee family of Virginia (prominent family in American history), she grew up in a life of luxury. However, she did not have happy marriages or was not loved the way she had hoped. She was gracious to the end and loved with all her heart.

In the movie, Linda had excellent dressing, carriage. The way she moved, sat, walked was lovely. The way she spoke was noticeably elegant whether she was happy or angry. I felt sorrow for her
when I watched her try so hard and was graciously elegant. I wanted to wring Cole Porter’s neck (played by Kevin Kline)! To his credit, he was extremely talented and wrote a lot of my favorite songs.

For some reason, the movie was not well received but I loved it. It is one of my favorite movies of all time with all the Cole porter songs too!

Lily Van Der Woodsen

Her character is played by Kelly Rutherford in the popular television series, Gossip Girl.

I particularly loved her in Season one. Always immaculately dressed, whether it was for an elegant event, casual day time or a theme party, she is always appropriate and elegant. At first, she seems cold and sarcastic, but the audiences warm up to her later.

She is cold to her children but you’ll quickly realize why … when you meet her mother. That was probably how she was brought up!

Later on, you’ll realize that she was like her wild-child daughter when she was younger but was threatened to be cut off from her family fortune and she gave up the man she loved. Perhaps it gave an insight to the ‘upper classes’ and those in society circles?

Charlotte York

My next elegant woman is Charlotte York from the television series, ‘Sex and the City: The Complete Series (Collector’s Giftset)

I featured her elegant Park Avenue home in my article, “Elegant Decorating.”

I love everything about her. She is sweet, kind and appropriate, yet we see a very human side of her that all of us can relate.

Bree Van De Kamp

The next elegant woman is Bree Van De Kamp. She has excellent posture and carriage. Her gestures are very elegant. One of the best I’ve seen.

She is a little uptight and sometimes too self-righteous but she’s elegant nevertheless.

Watch her in the series, even just to study the way she carries herself in television series Desperate Housewives: The Complete Seasons 1-5 She is wonderfully played by Marcia Cross

Taylor Townsend

From the television series,
The O.C. – The Complete First Season

She is a little crazy but you’ll love her. Her articulation and speech is beautiful and elegant. Dress wise, she is preppy on casual days and elegant in the evenings. She has excellent posture. There are several opinions on preppy dressing. Some people feel that preppy is not quite an elegant style. As for me, I feel that classic understated preppy styles are quite pleasant.

Autumn Reeser plays Taylor Townsend.

Cheung Wing-sing as Ip-man’s Wife

Played by Lynn Hung in the film Ip Man [Blu-ray] 2008 semi-biographical martial arts film based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and the first person to teach Wing Chun openly.

She was quite the grouch but she is elegantly dressed always and was quite the elegant mother. So far, I do not know whether she was wealthy by birth or marriage to legendary martial arts master Yip Man (I have not read up her history), but she appeared to be very comfortable with wealth. Later on, when they became very poor because of second Sino-Japanese war, she was still able to be happy despite having lost everything. In fact, she seemed happier because now her husband had more time with her.

How many of us can remain content and happy when everything is stripped from us? See also The Elegant Wife.

Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigl

I don’t know much about them but I’ve noticed their excellent carriage and posture. They are usually dressed elegantly in a casual way. I’m thus referring to their outward appearance here (as elegant women – not character).

Who is your Elegant Woman Inspiration? I’d love to hear from you.

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Apparently classy doesnt mean classy anymore.. 
Natalie, Halle, Kate W, JESSICA ALBA?! Who next, Megan Fox and Marilyn Monroe? almost all the women mentioned in list and comments is not classy. At All. …

Katherine Hepburn 
My number one elegant woman of all time is Katherine Hepburn. She is my idol. Sophisticated but still ballsy. She was intelligent, athletic, talented and …

Rania Queen of Jordan 
Dear Eunice,
Queen Rania is my favourite example of style. She is elegant, bright,she likes the Italian style but she is charming also when she wears …

Grace Kelly is still considered the epitome of elegance,class and style, even now almost 30 years since her tragic death. In fact, she and Audrey Hepburn …

Jessica Alba. 
I have to disgree with you on Jessica Alba. An elegant, classy woman wouldn’t take advantage of her body and over sexualize it. Def, not a woman we should …

Halle Berry Lena Horne Dorothy Dandridge 
Beautiful, classy, elegant, humble.

Jaclyn Smith 
I must add Jaclyn Smith to your list. She is the epitome of elegance, and I have been inspired by her for years. Her carriage, mannerisms, calm, kind …

Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, Susan Fales-Hill and Penelope Cruz 
All of these women are elegant, refined, and have beautiful spirits and personalities. They are impeccably dressed, and demonstrate the art of refinement …

Before Her Time Not rated yet
One of the most admirable women I looked up to as a child is Clair Huxtible from The Cosby Show. She was a successful lawyer, a loving wife and a good …

Kate Middleton Not rated yet
No stories but quite honestly elegance shouldn’t be matched with fame and fortune though sometimes you can’t separate the two. However I would say that …

Tilda Swinton, Sofia Coppola, and Gwyneth Paltrow Not rated yet
Sofia Coppola, Tilda Swinton and Gwyneth Paltrow are my modern elegance icons, though without a doubt Audrey Hepburn is at the top of my list!

Julie Andrews seems lovely and elegant to my perspective.  Not rated yet
She seems impeccably mannered, classy, well postured, articulate. She is strikingly elegant (to me) in her Julie Andrews variety show from the 70’s (glamourous …

Dame Julie Andrews should be on this list I believe. She is one of those timeless beauties. Even though she has lost her beautiful singing voice she is …

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Thank you for reading ‘Elegant Women: Beautiful Women Who Inspire Me’!

P.s. I’ve not forgotten the elegant men.

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