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Simple Notes For Elegant Brides – Styling An Elegant Wedding

So you got engaged, and want to be an elegant bride!

How can you achieve an elegant wedding style?

I know there are hundreds of bridal websites with tons and tons of pictures. So I’m only going to stick to core principles: Breaking down step by step of
styling an elegant wedding.

Weddings are essentially a form of communication. They reflect the personality and style of the couple, or maybe, just the bride. 🙂

Let’s take a look at the big picture.

Top Three Style Notes

The top three elegant wedding style notes are

1) The Wedding Location

2) The Wedding Dress

3) The Wedding Photos

These style notes are simply what most determine your style, or what people remembers of weddings.

elegant wedding location

Elegant Wedding Location


The wedding location is the most important element of an elegant wedding style.

The place contributes heavily to the atmosphere and gives clues to your guests on what to expect. It also act as an elegant backdrop of all the photography on your special day.

When considering the location, the elegant bride considers the accessibility to the place. She reviews the availability of transportation, otherwise she organizes for it. This is especially important if she is planning a destination wedding.

For instance, if you decide to have your wedding on a charming rustic farm, you could add a tip on the kind of shoes to wear.

How To Choose An Elegant Wedding Location?

Here are some tips:

# Go monochromatic. That means that color palate of the place is somewhat uniform. Too many colors in one place looks cluttered or busy.

# Go for high ceilings. It adds to the grandeur of the wedding.

# Test the lighting. Visit the place at the time of your supposed wedding, if possible at the same season too. Natural sunlight that filters in are much better than office-looking lights.

# Are there walls or pillars that get in the way of the view? Keep your guests happy.

# If there are ‘ugly parts’, advise your photographer not to take any pictures in that area. Ugly parts could mean ‘lighted neon green EXIT’ signs etc.

# If you would like constructed glamour or elegance, choose a place with a plain white background like a blank canvas and hiring a decorator. You don’t have to just use a florist. Flowers, lights, candles and lanterns always enhances the beauty of a place.

See also Wedding Receptions for elegant brides.

Extra Elegant Wedding Style Tip

I believe in authenticity. Authenticity is always the elegant way.

I don’t believe in choosing the most expensive, opulent wedding location – if that’s your style and your usual standard of living, that’s great! If it is not, it is always elegant to be modest. In other words,
don’t throw a wedding that you can’t afford, especially not just to impress your guests. It is only natural to want to go overboard, after all, it is one of the most beautiful days of your life!

A modest wedding does not mean it can’t be the most elegant. There are many ‘homemade’ weddings that get featured in the most popular wedding websites. Homemade weddings are those that hand-make their gifts, cards, decorations etc using lots of creativity and not necessarily their purses.

If your chose is a less-than-glamourous place, it doesn’t mean it cannot be elegant. Better yet, it will be more elegant if it is a meaningful place. It could be an area you spent your childhood in, the old school where you both were high school sweethearts, the backyard of your favorite weekend home etc. You can dress it up! There is beauty in imperfection.

See also authentic French Weddings for inspiration.

See some beautiful wedding location ideas.

elegant wedding dress

The Right Wedding Dress

I’ve seen brides choosing the wrong dress for the location. It just doesn’t make sense and looks out of place.

Let the process of picking a dress not ‘be about the dress’ or ‘the designer’. I’ll urge you to stay away from conventions, or the tube top ballgown image you already have in your mind. Let this be about you.

To achieve an elegant wedding style, we can search ourselves for authenticity. What dress is the ‘real you’?

We can answer these questions when shopping for a wedding dress. What is your style? Who are your favourite style icons? Do you see a similarity? Is there a style of dress you’ve always wanted to wear but have no event to go to?

This framework of mind narrows down the difficult and frustrating process of choosing a dress. No aimless flipping of hundreds of bridal magazines.

The best compliment is, ‘She looks so beautiful in her dress. What a great choice, it is sooo her.’

Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Wedding Dress

While designers are great, why not explore the option of having it made? Find a great tailor, pick your own fabric, lace and pearls – it’s a wonderful project. I love drawing inspiration from elegant women and fashion history books. A wedding dress does not have to be complicated. Sometimes, the simpler the more elegant. See simple elegant wedding dresses ideas

See also interesting elegant details of a wedding dress for more ideas.

When choosing your wedding dress, keep these factors in mind.

# Check all angles. Which area you would like covered or to draw attention away from?

# Determine the right ‘height’. I know most brides want to look as tall as a model but for a more elegant look, maintain a good height in proportion to a groom’s height. You’ll want to achieve ‘what a beautiful couple’ response rather than, simply just looking modelish.

# Learn to walk, stand, sit, get up, twirl and dance in your dress. Hopefully you have some time with your dress before the big day.

# See elegantwoman’s gallery of elegant wedding dresses.

elegant wedding photos

Elegant Wedding Photography

elegant wedding photos

Wedding photography is a tell-tale sign of elegance.

Choose your photographer well.

It also helps if you have a more formal dress code. I feel a little sad when I see a beautiful bride in photos with casually dressed guests.

For Tasteful Elegant Pictures

# Aim for natural instead of ‘supposed’ glamour. We are not professional models so it’ll be silly to try to act like one!

# have good posture at all times.

# If you have a pre-weddings shoot, try to relax a little. When you laugh out loud, try not to laugh with your mouth wide open. One or two of these is more than enough!

# Hmm..stay away from indecent poses. If you don’t, don’t show them to the world. Enough said.

# Lastly, photographers who don’t oversaturate their photos have better work. Film photography captures more detail and is better but usually costs more. Photojournalistic styles are more elegant because they are more authentic (and less cheesy). See also Elegant Wedding Photography.

Thank you for reading ‘Elegant Wedding Style’!

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