Elegant Theme Party – Alice in Wonderland

elegant theme decor

An Alice in Wonderland themed dinner party has got to be one of the best elegant dinner party ideas!

I stumbled upon this idea on Rachel Ashwell’s blog while researching party ideas for my husband’s birthday. It’s fantastic! I thought you might like it too.

alice in wonderland theme party

Getting over-sized items for elegant party decorations has got to the number one best idea for this elegant theme party.

I was thinking I could add big pencils, vases for glasses, a big rectangular glass container for ‘cake’. 🙂

The bottle tags are such a great idea too!

elegant parties

I really love the personalization and stamping. I’ve got to get myself one of those A-Z typewriter font stamps and lovely ink colors!

elegant dinner parties

A fantastic idea to use a mish mash of plates. I would love to see more tea pots and cups and saucers too.

elegant theme decor

And who can forget the Mad hatter?

They are such great visuals to spin off ideas, aren’t they? I would add many colorful cupcakes, a pretty Alice-in-wonderland blue table cloth and lots of flowers! And maybe a clock or two. It could even be set out in a garden making it an elegant garden party!

The pictures are from Rachel Ashwell via http://rachelashwellshabbychic.blogspot.com/

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