Elegant Mother of Bride Dress Ideas

Welcome to Elegant Mother of Bride Dress Ideas. Learn how to use colors and contrasts to your advantage, and elegant dress accessories to show off your proud mother of the bride style.

If you came from our previous page of mother of the bride dresses, welcome. This is a continuation of how to choose a
beautiful dress without looking matronly or lacking in style.

In this page, the focus would be on both the mother of bride dress and elegant accessories.

The Key to Differentiate And Accentuate

Enhance a simple dress with eye catching accessories

There are 2 ways to do this.

First way: Choose a main color and
pick accessories either of the same color.

You can pick up to two tones darker or lighter than the main color.

Because it is your daughter’s wedding, you can afford to be adventurous in your selection of accessories. That means not picking everyday accessories (accessories that can be worn in everyday clothes).

Consider a chic hat, some feathers, pearls, unusual brooch, gloves, flowers…

Second way: Pick two main colors. These colors either match well or is a suitable contrast.

Pick your elegant mother of bride dress and dress accessories according to those colors.

A suit is very becoming as an elegant mother of bride dress.

A good suit can be the best friend of an elegant wardrobe.

The shape and structure of your suit enhances your posture and womanly curves.

It is tasteful, appropriate and elegant.

Though I must caution you to select a suit with soft pastel colors otherwise it will look too businesslike.

Ideas for Elegant Mother Of Bride Dress

White Hat, Ribbons and Bows

A white hat is classically elegant.

Why not pair off the most beautiful white hat with a lovely pastel colored dress?

Bows and ribbons are very lovely as well. You can add on bows and ribbons on either your hat, shoes or bag.

Elegant Coats

Elegant Mother of Pearls

The mother of all elegant jewelry and accessories are pearls.

Chic (less fussy elegance) Mother of Bride dress

Not really an accessories person?

Play with two color contrasts and with elegant details such as frills and ruffles.

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